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Friday, January 31, 2014

Amazing “Hotdogs” That We Call Dachshunds

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Dachsunds as a breed have existed since the 16th century. At that time they were called barrow dogs or badger dogs. Their modern name, dachshunds, is German for badger (dachs) dog (hund). Dachshunds are known for their hunting and guarding abilities.

Personally I grew up with 14 dachshunds which my mother raised and bred. Since my mother spoke Spanish, all the dogs had Spanish names. Our dachshunds were smooth coated.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mocha Barney reports:

I love my mom and dad, they are so good and loving towards me. They let me sleep in their king size bed .I sleep in between and they gave me my special pillow. I have two other sisters winnie churchill and ashley pumpernickle. Winnie is the eldest but she can get cranky and selfish at times but there are times she likes playing with me. Ashley is my other older sister. She loves me so much and we get along real well. She's the biggest and tallest among us sisters. She eats quite a lot. She loves my mom and dad a lot..She can do a lot of tricks. My dad has trained her quite well in shaking hands and dancing. I stay in the house all day and night, while my two other sisters have to follow a certain rotation. This is because they will end up fighting. It is winnie who provokes the fights. I can't be the referee because I can get hurt. When they are about to fight, i bark so loud so that my dad and mom could separate them. It was since then, that they had to be placed in the house at different hours of the day.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Random Friday Facts About Us

Five things about us:

 Ashley Pumpernickel hates the camera. The only way you can get her to take a shot is to sort of hold her down like thRandom Friday Facts About Us

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Irish Wolfhounds are Well Mannered 

Hunters of Wolves 

The Cool Mannered Irish Wolfhounds

The Irish Wolfhounds were very good at hunting wolves. This is where they got their names. They have been here for quite a long time. They have been seen since the year 391 A.D.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

These dogs were brought by the early Phoenicians to England during the 6th century. They were mainly traders from a country that is now known as Lebanon. These people were from the northern part of that area. Dogs of this kind were very useful in attracting bears and bulls. They were very useful in guarding sheep and at times their owners would use them for dog fighting competitions. Dog experts say that they are the oldest breed of English dogs. There have been drawings of these dogs that were done by Egyptians in the year 3000 B.C. They protected their owners from wolves. They were almost non existent after world war 2. Dog lovers in England had to buy these dogs from Canada and the USA. They started to breed them and after that their population started to grow once again.

Monday, December 29, 2013

The Joyful Otterhounds

Bred for Hunting

Otterhounds were bred for hunting out otters. Otters were considered to be partial aquatic mammals who hunted down fish. To form these type of dogs, they needed to breed bloodhounds with different types of dogs that were used for hunting until they got the right type of species. Using these dogs made it easier for fishermen to catch fish. These aquatic mammals started to decrease and so did the otterhounds. This happened during the 1900's. Something had to be done about it. In 1978, strict measures were done so that these type of dogs will not be non – existent. There was a group of breeders who took up the cudgels in order that the population of these dogs would increase. They were said to have possibly originated in France. It is hard to find these type of dogs because there are not so many of them. They are now not facing extinction.. These dogs can track raccoons, bears and minks. Their sense of smell is tremendous.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I wrote this piece in  Voices, Yahoo. It's about a phase Mocha Barney went through when she made it her job to keep watch over my daily schedule:).

Step aside Khloe Kardashian, Rachel Zoe and Paris Hilton. You aren’t the only ones with personal assistants. I have one too -- my dog, Mocha Barney. And I don’t pay her a sliver of what you probably pay yours. (to continue, go to .

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Manny Pacquiao trains his dog, Pacman -- and vice versa

Manny Pacquiao has a Jack Russell Terrier that he named Pacman. Pacman is his running companion when Manny jogs around Los Angeles’ trails and streets. Pacman is a pretty fast runner, and it’s not easy keeping up with him. Because of this, you could say that Manny Paquiao’s Pacman doubles as his trainer.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Science Diet, Paws and Tahanan Village

Wow, Dad and Mom have taken us out on special ocassions before, like the one above, when our parents brought us to The Fort.

But this was the first time we experienced something completely different -- an entire event that revolved just around us dogs! It was held in the Tahanan Village park, and it was all free. But our parents were given plastic bags so that if we pooed they could clean after us.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

By: Ed Gonzalez

This dog was originally known as the weimer pointerand it's name came from the court that sponsored it. It was selectively bred and comes from selective breeding of other german hunting dog breeds. They say it is a descendant of the bloodhounds. It was purposely used to hunt wolves, deer and bear. The weimaraner later became a personal hunting companion, The dog is so exceptional because it has great speed, brave and enduring dog when it is hunting.. This kind of dog is exceptional when it comes to all sorts of sports hunting. It is the type of breed that will always stay this way.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Amiable Bullmastiffs

By: Ed Gonzalez

The Bullmastiffs originated in England, and history claims they appeared around the 1860's. These massive dogs were bred to keep large estates free from illegal hunters who would try to steal plants, animals and game preserves. Games keepers wanted a dog that could track down these illegal hunters in a quiet manner. It is a superb breed because it can go through a long distance very quickly. Dogs belonging to this breed will pin down and hold these unwanted hunters without beating them up. This sterling breed is 60% mastiff and 40% bulldog. It was meant to be quicker and more combative than the the mastiff plus larger and less violent than the bulldog.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Sparkling Looking Bichon Frise

By: Ed Gonzalez

The Bichon Frises came into existence in the middle ages, in the 13th century. They may have originated somewhere in the Mediterranean or maybe France. These dogs are said to be the mixed breed crossings of spaniels and poodles. They were traded by Spanish sailors and became the favorites of the French Royal Courts during in the 16th century. At that time they were used as circus performers. Now, they are well known as companion and show dogs.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dog Name Origins and Trivia Part 2

Chihuahua. This dog was named after the Mexican state,Chihuahua. The dog was also called Chihuuhenos. When some were brought to Europe, they would sit on the owner’s lap to keep the person warm, especially in big homes and castles. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

By Mona Sabalones Gonzalez

I looked up some names of dogs and found their origins. Here are some:

Shih-Tzu – Chinese for “Lion Dog” (pronounced Shirr-dze). Another version, “XiShi quan” refers to the most beautiful woman in legendary ancient China.

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