Monday, January 27, 2014

The Cute Looking Philippine Tarsier

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Philippine Tarsier is a very strange and queer looking animal. It is one of the smallest animals in the world. It can fit into an adult person's hand. These animals are very active at night.Their diet consists mostly of insects. The Philippine Tarsiers are scientifically known as ( Tarsus Syrchia ). They are found in Bohol, Leyte and Mindanao. The Tarsiers of Bohol are considered one of the world's smallest primates. In the Philippines this is an endangered species due to illegal loggers, among other threats. In the Philippines you can find three types of species. In Samar and Leyte, they are known as as T. Philipinesis. In Bohol it is known as T. Fraterculous and in Mindanao it is known as T. Carbonarius. You can find tarsiers also in Borneo, Sumatra and in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Philippine Tarsier is said to be the oldest land animal species in the Philippines.

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