Friday, February 28, 2014

The Speedy American Foxhounds

By Eduardo C.Gonzalez

The American Foxhounds are descendants of English and French hounds. The English hounds were brought to America in the 1650's. The French hound was a personal gift of Lafayette to George Washington. George Washington had his own breeding program The American Fox\hounds was the result of crossbreeding The English hounds and The French hounds. These dogs were used for hunting wild animals. They are so fast when chasing animals These dogs are very energetic because they have a lot of stamina packed in them. These dogs are will do good in hunting and field competiitions. They can also be very good companion dogs as long as owners give them their daily exercises. Their skills are mainly hunting, agility, watchdodogs and tracking. The American Foxhounds are a bit slimmer in sizes when compared to the English hounds.

American Foxhounds likely resemble the features of the English hounds. These dogs are lesser in weight and taller than the English hounds. They are faster and they have a better sense of smell. These are big and good loking dogs. They have sturdy front legs and the bones on their legs are so straight.Their headx are long and slightly round. These dogs have large skulls.Their ears are shaped like pendants and are lengthy Dogs of this kind have big eyes that are wide. The colors of their eyes are brown or light yellowish brown. Their tails are moderately high and their tails do not go over their backs. It curves a bit going upwards.Their short but hard coats can come in any color.

American Foxhounds are very pleasant loving and calm dogs but they can also be courageous dogs when they are hunting. They can mix well with children and other dogs because of their pack hunting backgrounds. They should not be mixed with other pets who are non – canine. These dogs are quite friendly. Owners must be their pack leaders so that they can control the behavior of their dogs.Owners must keep in mind that these dogs get attracted to scents that are fascinating. American Foxhounds have melodious barks . They really are good house pets and this is because of their backgrounds as outer pack hounds.The field kinds are better for hunting but if you want a pet dog that you will not use for hunting, buy the show line types.Give these dogs plenty of exercises and show them that you are strong willed but and confident. Owners must be persistent pack leaders

American Foxhounds will reach heights of 21 – 25 inches. And they will weigh 65 – 75 pounds.

These dogs are quite healthy and they are not susceptive to many genetic related diseases such as hip and bone problems but they do gain weight so easily. Do not overfeed these dogs.

These dogs will not be happy living in apartments. These dogs are active indoors and tney need a large yard to run around in.

American Foxhounds have a lot of stamina and they are tireless dogs. They must be given strenuous exercises daily so that they will not become restless. If you will not give them strenuous exercises then it is better for owners to choose other breeds of dogs to become their house pets. Take these dogs out for long brisk walks everyday. Just make sure that they stay by your side or at your backs. This will show them that their owners are their matters. Teach these dogs to enter and exit doors after you have done so.

They will have a lifespan of 10 – 12 years

Their smooth, short haired can be groomed so easily. Use a firm bristle brush when combing or brushing their hair. Give them a bath and shampoo their hair only when it is necessary. They are average shedders.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Ever Faithful and Loving Akita Inu Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Akita Inu Dogs come from the island of Honshu that is situated in the region of Akita in Japan. They are known as the National Dogs of Japan.These dogs can be used for police and military work. They can be used as guard dogs. These type of dogs are useful for hunting bears, deer and they will do well as sled dogs. The Akita Inu Dogs are breeds that can hunt in any kind of weather. It can be used to retrieve waterfowls. In Japan these dogs are considered to be divine and are known to bring people good luck. When new babies are born in Japan, statues of these dogs are given to the family by friends. These statues are also given to people who are sick so that they will have a fast recovery.

These dogs are strong, firm, appropriately proportioned and distinguished looking dogs. They are musular dogs with level but heavy heads. It has chests that are wide and deep. The measure ments of their bodies are longer than the their height measurements. Their heads are formed like triangles.Their well defined stops are at the point of transition area of their back skulls to their muzzles. The wrinkles of these dogs have little depth and it goes all the way up to the forehead. They have small ears that stand straight and it is parallel to their necks. Their eyes are dark brown small and has the shape of a triangle. They have wide noses that are colored black. White dogs may have black eyes but black should be the common color. It's lips are colored black while the tongues are colored pink.Their teeth are strong but should have leveled bites. These dogs have lavish looking tails that go over their backs.. They have feet that are shaped like the feet of cats. It has double coated coats. Their undercoats are rough but are waterproofed. The upper coats are thick and soft. One thing nice regarding their upper coats is that it is well insulated . This gives them the extra padding they need when the weather gets to be\ cold. Coat colors are immaculate white, brindle and light yellowish brown. The colors must not heve clear borders.

The Akita Inu Dogs are brave, smart, and teachable. These dogs are very cautious and loving dogs towards their families.They can react impulsively. This is the reason why they need owners to be good pack leaders. If not these dogs can act in aggressive ways. These are one of the best guard dogs. Japanese mothers would leave their children alone with these dogs and they would see to it that no one can approach them. These dogs are trustworthy and they would perform well as logs as their owners are firm but act in a cool manne. They need supervision when they are with other pets and with their children. 

If owners do this they will have well behaved dogs, who will do whatever they command. These dogs do bite. Parents must teach their children leadership qualities and how to respect these dogs. If the owners do things properly like giving them mental and physical exercises plus steady training, these dogs will become very good pets. Owners must be well composed when teaching these dogs obedience training. Because these dogs can become bored . It makes a lot of vocal sounds but they only bark once in a while.

The heights of both male and female dogs will reach 24 - 26 inches. The males will weigh as much as 75 – 120 pounds while the females will weigh 75 – 110 pounds..

The Akita Inu Dogs may acquire diseases such as hip dysplasia, hypothyroid, auto immune thyroiditis, immune diseases like VKH ( Vogt – Koyanagi – Harada ) disease, pemphigus, skin problems, eye problems, patella and othe knee problems.

These dogs can live in apartments, as long as they are given their proper exercises regularly. They must take long walks with their masters everyday.

The Akita Inu Dogs have a life expectancy of 11 – 15 years.

The females will give birth to 7 or 8 puppies.

Their rough, stiff and short haired coats must be groomed regularly. Use a firm bristle brush when you groom these dogs. Give them a bath only when it is necessary because too much bathing removes the natural waterproofing of their coats.. They shed twice a year and they are heavy shedders.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Powerful American Bulldogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The American Bulldogs are more agile than the English Bulldogs, This is quite possible because these dogs have longer legs. In the early years, these dogs were known for the brutal sport of bull baiting. They are known to do many things such as: guarding, hunting for bears, racoons, squirrels and wild boars. These dogs are very energetic, protective, smart and they do their jobs so well. American Bulldogs can b e used in farms because they can be used to herd and guide cattle. These dogs are known to guard other animals that would feed on the livestocks of any farm. After world war 2, these dogs were considered extinct. Because of the efforts John D. Johnson, he brought back these dogs by gathering specimens of the best kinds from the south. Due to his hard work, he was able to re – establish the American Bulldogs as a breed.

The American Bulldogs are strong, well muscled and they do have a lot of extra power. Their bodies are firmly packed together. They have legs that are rather high. These dogs are quick to react and they do run faster than the English Bulldogs. These dogs have impressive jumping abilities and they can jump six feet into the air. The males are more solidly built and their bones are more heavy than the females The females have bodies that are so refined. American Bulldogs have big heads and firmly structured jaws. These dogs are light footed . They are wide chested. Their chest are moderately deep. Just by looking at them, you will know that these dogs are athletic. American Bulldogs have muscular necks and it gradually gets thinner from the shoulders to their heads. Dogs of this kind have a slight looking pendulous skin under their coats.They have large square heads. Their cheeks are well muscled but in proportionate to the sizes and structures of these dogs.These dogs have wrinkles between their rounded eyes. They do have a distinguished and obviously noticeable well defined stops.

Dog enthusiasts prefer American Bulldogs that have the reversed scissor bites. Theie is a preference for American Bulldogs that have uncropped ears. The eyes of these dogs can be of any color. The preference for white colored dogs is that they have black eyes. Their noses can be colored black, red brown or gray. The preferred color for their noses is black. The approved color for their lips is black.These dogs must not have loose lips, instead they must have full lips.They have strong and straight front legs that are heavily boned. Their rear parts are wide and densed with clearly defined muscles. They have tails that are set low. The bases of their tails must be thick from the base and gradually it thins out to a certain point. Their coats are short but smooth. It comes together with different color streaks like: red, different shades of white of white, brown, light yellowish brown and mixed.

American Bulldogs are faithful, can be depended on, courageous and focused. These dogs are friendly, alert and self – confident. They love children very much. These dogs will always defend their masters. They do display protective instincts. Their owners must be firm when handling them but they must act in a cool manner. They need to be handled by pack leaders who are consistent. American Bulldogs must be socialized and given obedience training during their young age. These dogs have tendencies to drool and emit saliva. For them to become happy, they must be considered as part of the family. These dogs must be allowed to have mental and physical exercises. If owners do not do these things, they will become difficult to handle.

The males will reach heights of 22 – 28 inches. Females will attain heights of 20 – 26 inches. Males will weigh as much as 70 – 120 pounds while females will weigh as much as 60 – 120 pounds

These dogs are susceptible to acquire hip dysplasia.

American Bulldogs will do alright living in apartments. In doing so, owners must allow them to have sufficient exercises. These dogs tend to be inactive when they are indoors. They would do well running around medium sized yards. Just make sure that the fences are high because these dogs are high leapers. Owners must take these dogs out for long walks everyday.

These dogs could live up to 16 years.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Hard Working English Shepherd Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The forefathers of the English Shepherd Dogs were brought to Britain by the Romans during the early 1st century. These dogs were crossed with other dogs that had almost the same herding skills. The English Shepherd dogs were the results from those early crosses. These dogs originated from northern England and Scotland. The English Shepherd dogs were introduced to the United States by the first settlers that came from, England. It was considered to be a versatile type of breed that was well recognized . During those times, farms had no fences and that is why these dogs were considered very valuable. They would protect the farms and their livestocks.

The English Shepherds are medium sized dogs that have a lot of speed packed in them. These dogs have fairly long necks that are commonly arched and are raised above their bodies when they are alerted. These are really a smart dogs with so many different qualities. This allows them to effectively herd livestocks and do their other jobs quite effectively.

English Shepherds have bodies that are sturdy, a bit longer than their heights and they are appropriately proportioned. These dogs are deep chested and their ribs are well attached to their spines and also to their bodies. These dogs have round feet that are well packed together. Their tails are fairly long, a bit curved and it stands higher than their backs when these dogs are in alert mode. Their front legs are are muscular and their back legs do bend very easily. Owners can remove their dewclaws Their heads look impressive and it gives people a sense of how intelligent these dogs are. The color of the eyes of these dogs are fairly brown or dark brown. Their ears are commonly wide at the base and the ends do fold over. English Shepherds have black colored noses. The teeth of these dogs sre enjoined in scissor like bites. They have thick coats that can be either straight, wavy or even curly. These dogs have double coats with an undercoat and outer coat that lacks fineeass. The colrs of these coats come in 5 kinds of patterns: black and white, black and tan, dark brown and white, white and tan and black, white and tan.

English Shepherds must be socialized with their owners even when they are puppies. These dogs are very good watch dogs and they will alert anyone, when strangers are approaching. Owners must be able to guide their dogs so that they will be recognize other persons and know if they are your friends or enemies. These dogs will do well with children These are obedient dogs but never live them unattended when they are with small pets. English Shepherds can easily be trained. Dogs of these kinds will fully obey their masters. They are so independent w
hen they are working and they can be hard headed. Do not treat them unkindly. All owners need to be consistent, firm but calm pack leaders when dealing with these dogs.

Male English Shepherds will reach heights of 19 – 23 inches and will weigh as much as 45 – 60 pounds.
Females will reach heights of 18 – 21 inches and will weigh 40 – 50 pounds.

These dogs will live for at least 12 – 15 years.

These are farm dogs and they will do well living in farms. At the end of their working day, these dogs will watch over your children. These dog's are not meant for apartment living. They will do better in homes that have big yards.

These dogs will do well in agility competition. Owners must make sure that they do not give their dogs strenuous exercises before they reach the age of 1. This will impair their joints and bones. These dogs must go on long walks everyday.

Owners who have bought these dogs from breeders must ask about the health conditions of their parents or seek a guarantee from them that the parents of these puppies do not have hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia. These are the common health problems of these dogs.

Owners must from time to time brush their coats so that mats can be removed and their coats can remain to be clean. They must be given baths only when it becomes a necessity.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Wonderful Labrador Retrievers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Labrador Retrievers are one of the well known breeds in the United States today. These dogs were originally located in Newfounland ( one of four islands in Canada ).
They worked with fishermen. These dogs were trained by them to jump into icy waters to assist them in pulling the nets. These dogs were also trained to catch fish that fell out from loose nets. The were brought by English ships to England. Breeders crossed them with other retrievers to enhance it's instincts as a hunter dog.These dogs will do extremely well in hunting, tracking, retrieving, watch dogs, police works and in detecting narcotics They are very good family companions and they can be trained easily.

There are two kinds of Labradors, The English and American Labrador. The English Labradors have a different appearance than their american counterparts. The English Labradors are heavily built, massive in weight and thicker. The American Labradors are tall and slender. Their coats are generally flat and not wavy.. Their coat colors are solid black, chocolate or yellow. Some of them may possess colors a ranot so co common silver or gray color. It could be controversial but others say it's a true mutation.The heads of these dogs are long and having moderates stops. Their noses are black on black dogs, black on yellow dogs and brown on chocolate colored dogs. The teeth of these dogs meet in scissor like bites. Their mouths, noses and jaws are moderately wide. Labradors have necks that are evenly wide but powerful. These dogs have bodies that are a bit longer than their heights.They have eyes that are colored brown in yellow and black dogs. The eyes of chocolate colored dogs are light golden brown or brown.. Other Labradors have green or greenish – yellow eyes.. Dogs that hve silver colors have gray eyes.The eye rims of yellow and black dogs are colored black. In chocolate dogs the rims are colored brown. They have medium sized ears. It is shaped like a pendant and their ears are hanging downwards. At the base, their tails are thick and it becomes thinner towards the end. Their tails are fully filled with short hair. They have webbed like feet that are firmly built and this helps the dog to swim.

Labrador Retrievers are faithful, loving, caring and patient dogs. This is why they will make great family dogs. These dogs are known to be intelligent, pleasant and they are quite willing to please their masters.They love to play and are known to swim in water. Dogs of these kinds are sprightly. Their temperaments are mellow. These dogs are friendly, great with children and they can mix with other dogs.Labradors like their owners to become their leaders and they need to be part of the family. Socialize these dogs while they are still puppies. Adult Labradors are so strong. Owners must give them leash training. These dogs must be trained not to run out of the dogs or gates first. They must let their masters be the first one's to go out. They are better known as watch dogs than guard dogs. They can destroy things if their owners are not their pack leaders or if they do not get much mental and physical exercise. Labradors that have English lineage are more laid back and peaceful. They are also known to mature faster than their American counterparts.

The heights of the males will reach 22 – 24 inches while the females will reach heights of 21 – 23 inches. Males will weigh as much 60 – 75 pounds while females will weigh 55 – 70 pounds.

These dogs do acquire sicknesses like hip and bone dysplasia, PRA ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy ) and eye disorders..

Labradors can live in apartments. This is as long as they are given enough exercises to do. They are fairly active indoors. It is best for them to run around in medium sized yards that are properly fenced.

Labradors are full of energy They like it so much if they are given workouts and time to play. Take them out on long daily brisk walks. Owners can jog alongside them. When walking, these dogs must walk by your sides or at your backs. This will show them that the owners are their pack leaders.Give them jobs to do and they will feel very satisfied. They must not be overfed because they can gain weight easily.

These dogs will live for about 10 – 12 years.

These dogs are quite easy to groom. Owners must brush them on a consistent basis using a firm bristle brush. Dog owners must give special attention to their undercoats. Give them a bath only when it is necessary. They are average shedders.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Amazing Short – Toed Snake Eagles

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Short Toed Snake Eagles  scientifically named Circaetus Gallicus are colored brown from the top going downwards. Their abdomens are colored white.. The colors of their flight feathers are dark brown. Their tails have 3 dark bars. It is an exception if they have 4 dark bars. The females are a bit more longer in size than the males. These kind of eagles have beaming orange yellow eyes, their ceres ( a waxy or fleshy covering on their lower jaw bones ), non feathered legs and feet are colored gray.. They look quite similar, when compared to the ( Beaudoin's Snake Eagles ) and ( Black Chested Snake Eagles ) but their color is more faint as compared to these two eagles.

As compared to the adults the younger Short – Taled Snake Eagles have a reddish brown trace of color on their heads and undersides. The feathers that cover the bases of their main flight feathers and tail feathers are more faint in color than the adults. Their eyes are yellow and they have light colored throats. They have yellow eyes.

Short Toed Snake Eagles make a lot of noise. Their calls sounds are similar to sharp sounding whistles.
The females are less noisier than the males

These Eagles will at least live for 17 years, when they are in the wild.

Short Toed Snake Eagles will reach 62 – 72 centimeters in lengths. Their wingspans will reach 166 – 188 centimeters. The males will weigh 1. 2 - 2 kilograms and the females will weigh 1. 2 – 3 kilograms. These type of Eagles can fly as high as 2,300 meters above sea level.

Short Toed Snake Eagles can be found in wetlands,forests, fields, lowlands, open woodlands grasslands, deserts and cultivated areas. These Eagles are migratory birds and they are known as long distant migrants. These birds can be found in Southwestern Europe,, Northwestern Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Mongolia, Xinjiang province in China and Sudan islands. During winter they have populations that move to the south like the aub – Saharan Africa. . Their eastern population will move to places like Southeast Asia, islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali. There at least over 100,000 of these birds of prey spread out in different areas.

Short Toed Snake Eagles feed on on mostly snakes. This amounts to 70% of their diet. The majority of the snakes are non – poisonous but there are some that carry with them poisonous venom. These birds of prey can eat snakes that are 150 centimeters long and they will eat all of it. Their young ones, who are three weeks old are capable of eating snakes that are 60 – 90 centimeters long. They do also consume lizards, frogs, and toads. These eagles can also eat small mammals like shrews and rabbits.

They can hunt down their prey, while they are on top of a perch 10 – 30 meters above the ground or during their flight when they are least 450 meters above sea level. While in flight, they scout by lingering in the areas where their prospective preys are. When they see their prey, these eagles will make a sudden dive in order to catch their prey. They also eat dead carcasses of animals.

Before these eagles breed they will make 20 meter dives and they seem to be like they are dancing in the sky. The male issue calls on a constant basis. In the western part of their areas, breeding starts from April – October. In the eastern areas breeding starts from December – May.

Their nests are built using sticks that are at least 5 – 10 centimeters long and placed on a tree . It must be 3 – 7 meters above the ground. It must be 50 – 75 centimeters wide and 20 – 25 centimeters deep. The nests has some green vegetation in it. The females will lay one egg. The egg will be incubated for 47 days. Their feathers will appear after 70 – 80 days. They become sexually matured when they reach the ages of 3 – 4 years old.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Glamorous Looking Afghan Hounds

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Afghan Hounds are considered to be dignified due to their distinguished appearance. These dogs lived in the Afghan Mountains and are well known in the Middle Eastern Areas. Drawings of these dogs can be found in the caves of Northern Afghanistan. These drawings have been there for more than 4,000 years. These dogs have also been written about and mentioned in Egyptian papyrus books. These dogs were forbidden to be imported, but somehow they were smuggled into Europe in the early 1900's.

Afghan Hounds are viewed as noble dogs that hunt by sight. They are tall and with slim bodies. The heads of these dogs are not broad but well developed. On their heads they have long, silky hair. They have powerful jaws.Their muzzles are slightly curved and their noses are colored black.

These dogs have a few or no stops at all, from the turning point of their back skulls to their muzzles. These dogs are known for their sturdy and long necks.

Their abdomens are well drawn in. The hip bones of these dogs stand out and are easily seen. They have strong legs that are straight.  Afghan Hounds are known for their large feet that are covered with long hair.These dogs have abundant, long and silky coats that often resemble the color of sand. Their faces are dark and so are the borders of their ears. The height of the males will reach up to 27 – 29 inches. The females will have slightly lesser heights. They can weigh from 50 – 64 pounds. 

The Afghan Hounds are brave, lively, loving, loyal and sensitive dogs. Their dominance level is low, but they can be snobbish. This is why they should be well socialized. Dogs of this kind must be trained kindly yet in a firm manner.

If they do not know the people around them, they can be quite suspicious. These dogs are not warlike.They must have mental and physical exercises or else they will become lazy. They fare better with older children who know how to become pack leaders.

Afghan Hounds are willing to go through training and to be disciplined. Owners must give them clear instructions that
they should follow, if not these dogs can be disobedient. They must be given daily mental and physical exercises. If owners don't do this they can become lazy and uptight.

These dogs are considered to be healthy in general. However, the Afghan Hounds are not meant to live in apartments. They are not active when they are kept indoors. They will do great when they are allowed to run around in large yards that are properly fenced. If you want to have happy dogs, you must allow them to sleep indoors.

Afghan Hounds must be taken out for long walks or they can accompany their owners when they go jogging. When walking,  owners be the pack leaders. Let your dogs walk by your side or at your backs. If you do not let these dogs go for constant walks, they will develop behavioral problems. Owners must teach them to enter and exit doors properly. This means that owners must enter and exit doors first and their dogs must follow them afterwards.

These dogs will live for about 14 years. 
The females will give birth to at least eight puppies.

Owners must pay attention to their long and thick coats. They must be given their baths only when it is necessary. Do not brush your dogs in between baths. If owners do this, their coats will become dull looking. If your dogs are not for show, then they should not be given weekly baths. It does prevent your dog's coat from looking so dull. Quite a number of these dogs wear headbands when they are inside houses because it prevents their ears from touching food bowls. Some owners prefer using a pin brush when grooming their dogs because it is air cushioned. Afghan Hounds are average shedders.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Intelligent Belgian Malinois

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Belgian Malinois dogs derived their name from the Belgian City of Malines. Their population in the U.S.A. is very sparse.

These dogs are well known in their country of origin. They have square-like bodies. This becomes noticeable when a person looks at them from the sides. Their toplines are flat and it starts to slant a bit at the withers.

Their skulls are flat. The widths and lengths of their skulls are proportionate. They have pointed muzzles and its length is the same when compared to the top of their skulls. It also has moderate stops. The Belgian Malinois dogs have black noses and firmly fixed lips.Their teeth are enjoined in scissor-like bites. Their fairly sized, almond shaped eyes are brown They have upright ears that are triangularly shaped.
They have sturdy looking tails and their bones reach to the joints located at their hind legs. The feet resemble those of a cat. Their nonfunctional, dew claws can be removed. Their coats can come in different colors such as: An abounding light yellowish brown, red, reddish brown and black colors. The masks and ears of these dogs are black. Below their bodies, their tails and back parts have a lighter fawn color. The hair that surrounds their necks look like collars, and it is somewhat long.

The Belgian Malinois dogs are very bright and obedient. They are persistent and watchful dogs. They have strong protective and territorial instincts. Dogs of this kind need masters or owners who are well experienced and unyielding.

Owners must not be oppressive. If owners are harsh or rudely arrogant, these dogs will become uncooperative. People who want to own these type of dogs must be confident and firm. They must set up consistent rules that their dogs must follow.

Since these dogs are instinctively protective, they should be trained at an early age. If owners have puppies, they must be socialized immediately upon birth. These dogs are known for their working abilities. They will also do well in in obedience competitions.

Many Belgian Malinois dogs are used for police work but they are also very good guard dogs. Since they are very smart dogs, owners must develop exercises that can stimulate their minds. Owners must also have strong leadership qualities. These dogs are observant, alert and dedicated dogs.

They will act well with children as long as they are given the opportunity to socialize with them. They must be treated as part of the family and they must not be locked up in cages. These dogs need their daily exercise. Dogs of this kind need to be trained constantly and they need a lot of companionship. They are so energetic, yet quick to learn instructions.

These dogs can also be demanding. They tend to display herding behavior like running after something and encircling it. They can keep on moving without exerting too much effort. The way owners treat and handle these dogs will determine the temperament and aggressiveness of the dog.

The heights of males will reach as much as 24 – 26 inches while females will have heights of 22 – 24 inches. These dogs will weigh as much as 55 – 65 pounds.

These dogs do not have major health problems but they could develop skin allergies, occasional hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

As long as these dogs are given their proper exercise, they can live in apartments. When they are indoors, they are moderately active. If you have a house, let them run around in medium sized yards that are properly fenced.

The Belgian Malinois love cold weather. They can stay outdoors but it would be better if they can stay around people that are part of their pack. Remember that these are working dogs and that is the reason why they must have an active outdoor life. Go out with them for their daily long walks. This will be beneficial for your Belgian Malinois dogs.

They are expected to live between 12 – 14 years. Females will give birth to 6 – 10 puppies. Their coats are smooth and can be easily groomed. Brush these dogs regularly using firm bristle brushes. Bathe them at least once a week. If you bathe them more than once a week, the waterproofing on their coats will be removed. These dogs are light, consistent shedders, but they will shed heavily twice a year.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Hardworking English Pointers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

English Pointers, also known as gun dogs, are also simply as Pointers. They are well known for their ability to pose, completely motionless, while spotting their prey.

They are very intense. The way they stand will point to exactly \where the prey is. These pointer dogs are very instrumental in locating the areas where preys are.

These dogs first appeared in the early 1650s. They were made by crossbreeding Italian Pointers, Foxhounds, Bloodhounds, Newfoundlands, Bulldogs and Setters.

They got their name from the Irish Setters, who also stood motionless when spotting their prey. These dogs were used when hunting with guns was a popular sport, and necessary for men to hunt for food. They would pinpoint hares or jackrabbits are.

The English Pointers are also superior tracking dogs. Once they track down the mammals, they will catch the prey. These dogs perform well in hot and warm weather, but are not suited for cold seasons. Nonetheless, they are considered to be the best pointers in field competitions.

The heads of English Pointers are notably fine and sculptured in appearance. English Pointers have long and deep muzzles. Their ears are set moderately high. The coats are short, smooth and usually white with spots of lemon, light brown or orange hues.

Some dogs have coats of three colors.Their bodies are sturdy, suave and statuesque. In dark color coated dogs, their noses ted to be either black or brown. Dogs that are light coated will have lighter or flesh like colored noses.

Their teeth are enjoined to create scissor-like bites They have rounded eyes with dark colors. English Pointer have straight pointed legs.Their tails are larger at the base but are smaller at midpoint.

These are intelligent, affectionate and clean dogs. They can be shy with people they don't know. If trained well they can become good pet dogs. If owners want to own an English Pointer, they must train them at an early age. When the pups are eight weeks old, they will exhibit their hunting abilities. They can be very good dogs for owners who want a steady companion. Owners must have a strong will. Otherwise, their dogs can get rather nervous. Give them a lot of physical and mental exercise so that they will not destroy things. These are the type of dogs who will bark at any kind of noise they hear.

English Pointers are prone to hip dysplasia, thyroid, dwarfism and skin infections. Inspect their ears once in a while.

Male English Pointers will reach heights of up to 22 – 24 inches, while females can grow as much as 21 – 24 inches in height. They must weigh as much as 44 – 66 pounds. Their lifespan is 13 to 14 years.

These dogs are not good apartment dwellers. They are so energetic, which is why they need to run around in big yards that are well fenced.

Owners must walk with their dogs in a brisk manner. Just remember, owners are the masters and their dogs must walk beside them or at their backs.

English pointers an be groomed easily. Owners must brush their dos constantly using sturdy bristle brushes. Bathe them only when it is necessary, once a week will do. Rub your dogs with small towels. This should be done after they have finished doing their activities or exercises. They are medium shedders. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Heavyweight and Long Necked Kori Bustards

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Kori Bustards are very heavy birds. They can weigh as much as 19 kilograms (almost 42 pounds). They are land based birds and they have very long necks. Their feet are quite lengthy with three fingers. Their feathers are light brown or gray feathers.

They have crown - like heads that reach their black crest. There are noticeable white stripes over each eye.The chins, throats and necks are creamy white. The underparts of these huge birds have a brownish yellow combination of colors with thick, dark brown lines.

Their tails have broad bands that are colored grayish brown, brown and white. Their flight feathers have colors that are similar to the color of their tails. The areas on their shoulders have diversified black and white color patterns. These birds feed on plant – like berries and animal - like lizards. For their young ones, their main meals are insects. The acacia trees have gum that the Kori Bustards feed on. They drink fluids by sucking, unlike other birds that scoop up water with their bills.

 These birds are polygamous. They will have more than one mate. During pre-mating the males will make their necks swell and drag their wings, dancing for the females. They will go on and on, making their feathers stand erect. They will bow towards the females as their beaks swell, then emit a prolonged. sound. The Kori Bustards will walk slowly with well measured strides. The males will puff up their throats, while their frontal neck feathers spread outwardly. Their heads with raised up crests will lean backwards. Their wings will hang down. Their tails will go upwards and its direction is towards their necks. With all the actions done by the males, the females will definitely notice them. The males do these actions early in the day.

Males play no role in raising their young ones. The females remain on the nests, only leaving briefly to eat. They will lay eggs once a year. Incubation can take 23 – 30 days. Females do not build thick nests and there are times that the females will lay their eggs on the ground.

Kori Bustards will stay on the ground most of the time because of their weight. They are called bustards because the word means "birds that walk". They fly only when it becomes a necessity, but generally they behave like ostriches and emus which are flightless predators in Australia.

They live long but breed slowly. They stay in areas where there is an abundance of food. They migrate alone or in pairs or groups. These birds are often seen in woodlands and plains that are filled with grass.

These birds are known to be strong fliers. They will beat their wings strongly when taking off. Once they are in the air, they glide fast and strong. They will only fly when it is necessary. When they they see danger they prefer to walk away.

Kori Bustards live in wide grasslands and in savannas that are not so wooded. They like areas with short grass. They migrate, but less often than other birds do. These birds will only migrate when there is insufficient food. The scenery where they live must be nice looking. Kori Bustards are found in East Africa and in South Africa. They can be seen also in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.   These are wonderful birds to look at. They look so charming and their actions can entertain anyone.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Elegantly Looking Doberman Pinschers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Doberman Pinschers are medium sized dogs with with square-like bodies that are solidly built. These dogs are muscular and possess a lot of strength, stamina and speed. They are fantastic-looking dogs.

Doberman Pinschers are very proud dogs. They are trustworthy, energetic, noble, watchful and courageous. Their temperament can be tamed so that they are very obedient and loyal.

The male dogs will reach 26 – 28 inches from the ground and the females will have heights between 24 – 26 inches. When you measure the length of their fore chests to their upper thighs, the measurements will almost be the same as when they are measured vertically. The lengths of their necks and legs are comparative to the length and deepness of their bodies.

Doberman Pinschers are long headed with dull edges that look like wedges.that are quite noticeable when you look at them  from the front and the sides. If you look at these dogs from the front, it seems that their heads get to be bigger towards the base, and well lined.

They have reasonably deep setting eyes. Their eyes express their characters. Some will have eyes that are medium brown to dark brown. There are Doberman Pinschers who have bluish, reddish and fawn like colors, the colors of their iris will match the colors of their bodies.

They have ears that are cropped and they stand in a straight position. The upper part of their ears should be at par with the top of their skulls. The top parts of their skull are flat and they have small amounts of stops that reaches the bridge of their muzzles. Their muzzle lines extend in equal proportions to the top of their skulls.They have flat looking cheeks that are muscular.

The color of their noses depends on the color of the dogs. Black Doberman Pinschers will have solid black noses. Red Doberman Pinschers will have dark brown noses. Blue Doberman Pinschers will have dark brown noses.

Their lips are close to their jaws, which are packed and strong. The lips are firm, extending right under their eyes. They have very strong, white teeth. Their lower incisors are straight and touch the inside part of their upper incisors. They have 22 lower teeth and 22 upper teeth.

The necks of these dogs are muscular and nicely arched. The napes of their necks get bigger slowly when they reach the bodies of these dogs. They have well formed withers at the highest part of their bodies. These dogs have short backs that are solid. The parts between their hips and lower ribs are very muscular. Their hips are wide and are commensurate to their bodies.Their chests are wide and their legs are ideally straight. Their dew claws can be be removed.

These dogs have have dense but short, thick coats that lie flat. There are some dogs that that have a subtle gray color on their necks.

These dogs love to be with people. They are very smart and skilled at doing their work. All owners must express their authority over these dogs, which are good guard dogs. Every family member must be firm so that they can have total control.

Dobermans can be hard to deal with. If you are able to give them a set of rules to follow, then these dogs will behave properly. They must be followers and not pack leaders.

These dogs need mental stimulation and a lot of daily exercises. Though they can be aggressive, they can be tamed. Just display the right leadership and you will witness how good these dogs are. They can be your best companions. Because they are loyal, these dogs will defend their owners all the time.

You can use these dogs for therapy purposes. They are known to be sweet and gentle with nursing patients. They can live in apartments as long as they are given sufficient exercise. They can run around in medium sized yards. Their life expectancy is 13 years. They are average shedders and they need not be groomed all the time.

They can suffer from health problems such as cervical spondylitis because of the fusion of the neck vertebrae, and when their spinal cords become compressed. They can suffer from obesity and inherited blood disorders. They can catch such diseases as skin issues, bloating, hip dysplasia and heart defects.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Outstanding Afican Black Eagle

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Black Eagle lives in the southern part of Africa. It is scientifically called “Aquilla Verrauxil”. You can find these fantastic looking eagles in Southern Zimbabwe and Motobos Hills. The latter has the largest population of these raptors.

The African Black Eagles prefer to stay in rugged mountain terrain that have cliffs, where there are flat shelves of rocks protruding from a cliff, slope or cave. These are their preferred habitats. They also live in dry savanahs,woodlands, deserts and in high rainfall places. They will live in these places as long as there are rocky outcrops, gorges and mountain ranges that will give them good places for building their nests, and there is an overflowing amount of prey.

These Eagles are the best of all the genus Aquilla. They are truly fabulous looking Black Eagles. Aside from their main colors of coal-colored black, they have white backs and what appears to be a letter "V" on their shoulders. They have very good looking feathers, further noticeable when they take flight. They have small heads and lean necks which give them a superb look.

You will notice these qualities when they are perched. They stay in their territories most of the time. These Black Eagles can be seen gliding in pairs. They are loyal to each other and they will mate for life. They will help each other when they hunt for their prey. This is how they catch most of their prey. Ninety percent of their prey consists of small mammals, birds and reptiles.

The African Black Eagles are among the biggest eagles in Southern Africa. They are 90 centimeters long and they will weigh about 4 -5 kilos. When they are in flight, they are absolutely exquisite looking. Watching them soar in the air can leave you breathless. They have yellow feet, ceres and eyebrows. Their legs have feathers that extend to their claws. Their bills and eyes are colored brown. 

Black Eagles are affected by the heat. Their nests are exposed to the heat and they can be seen panting by opening their beaks. Even when there is no sunlight available. their young chicks and eaglets will move over to the shadows of their parents. Black Eagles and their young ones must be able to get liquid from their prey.

At times these eagles have been seen taking a bath in nearby ponds that are situated at the top of waterfalls. They sunbathe by spreading themselves out on the ground or on generally flat rock. They stretch out both of their wings and their tails are fanned. Doing this ensures that mites and parasites are removed from their feathers. The natural waxes on their feathers get heated up. This makes it easier to spread their shafts when trimming their feathers.

African Black Eagles are noisy eagles but they depend more on visual communication. Every observer who has seen them admit that they look splendid, especially when they are flying. They make use of their full capabilities by going around the hilly terrain where they live. They move so smooth while they are up in the sky. They do all sorts of things while in flight. They turn, circle, rise and glide for a long time. They do not usually flap their wings. They have leaf shaped wings that are useful for these raptors when they fly above rocky and mountainous terrain.