Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why People Should Own Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez
Dogs can do a lot of things for us. Other people do not like dogs because they pee and pooh in  certain areas of the house. It's true, but if you train your dogs properly, they will not do this. Owners can can teach your dogs to go to your yard and they can do their thing there. If you are living in apartments., owners while all your family members are out can train their dogs to pooh or pee in a certain place using a dog pan. if trained properly, your dogs will be your best friend forever. Dogs are intelligent  and they will follow their pack leader. Dogs are AFFECTIONATE. If dogs are loved , they will also love their owners, They have very strong emotional attachments their owners. Of all animals in this world, It is only the dogs that can love you back in a very tender manner. No other animals can express love, the way dogs do it.

Dogs are very good COMPANIONS. They like going out with their owners.  If you need a buddy to walk with, dogs are the best. They like it if you walk with them in the park. Even when you are alone in your homes, you will not feel very lonely because you will always have a steady friend with you all the time. As a companion, they can make your place very lively because they can do a lot of things that can amuse owners. Dogs are smart and they always know what their owners need. It can be depressing to stay in your homes while all all the members of your family are out of your homes. Don't worry your dogs can be very entertaining.  Make sure that you treat all your dogs properly. If owners do this, they will have wonderful dogs.

Dogs are LOYAL followers, treat them well and you can be assured that they will remain faith to their owners till the day they pass away. They will show their loyalty to their owners\. s long as they are well trained, they will follow whatever they are asked to do. They can be given house chores to do do.. Their loyalty even extends to protecting their owners from suspicious people or intruders. They will put their own life on the line just to protect their owners and members of their pack. No other animals can compare to the loyalty that dogs can give. If owners want a pet that is loyal, then they should have to buy dogs of their choice. Just do not maltreat your dogs and they will remain true to their owners.

Dogs have a lot of ABILITIES and their sense of smell is terrific. They know if there is a rat inside your homes because they can smell them. They will go to the place where the rats are hiding. They are able to catch these rats.Dogs are showboats, Teach them tricks and they will learn fast. They will fascinate you with the tricks they can do.. Owners can pay a lot of games with them like retrieving the ball. Owners must make sure that they give them treats when they do these things. They will love doing these things for the pack. Give them ample tim,e to rest because they can get tired doing these things.`

Dogs treat owners and other household members as FAMILY. If they treat dog owners and their family this way, they must be considered as part of the family. They like to gather around the family when they are watching television or even playing family games. Dogs are a re a different breed of animals because  they like the atmosphere pf being part of the family. As part of being a family member, owners must see to it that the needs of their dogs are taken cared of.  When you buy a dog, owners are adding an additional member of the family.

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