Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Independently Minded Pharaoh Hounds

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Pharaoh hounds are one of the oldest tamed dogs in the world. It means that they were so xclose to their owner Their origin dates back to 4000 -3000 B.C.. Nobody knows their exact origi. Others believe that these dogs came from ancient Egypt. The belief started because there were so many artifacts and writings showing dogs that have similarities like the Pharaoh Hounds. These dogs were faithful companions of the royal Pharaohs of Egypt. Most of these dogs were buried alongside the Pharaoh when their royal masters died. These dogs were used to chase and were good at small game hunting. The Phoenicians were responsible for exporting these dogs to Malta.and Gozo. Pharaoh hounds are considered the national dogs of Malta. This declaration was made in 1974. The Maltese people were the ones who preserved the existence of these dogs. Pharaoh hounds operate as sighthsounds and ascent hounds. Their sense of smell is used for searching their prey, while their sightsound instincts comes into play when their prey escaped from their hiding place. When this happen, they will chase their prey and catch them. Pharaoh hounds have good guarding abilities. They were used to bring goats and sheep to their pasture. In the 1960's these dogs were introduced in England and the United Staes of America. ThePharaoh hounds were given their due recognition by the American Kennel Club ( AKC ) in 1963.

Pharaoh hounds are tall, slim, agile and sporty sightsound dogs. Their long bodies are a bit longer than their tails. These dogs have long and lean necks that are a bit arched. Pharaoh have wedge like shaped heads that seems to be well chiseled. These dogs have muzzles that are longer than their level headed skulls with slight stops. The color of their noses are likely to be the same of that of their coats. Their teeth are joined together in level like bites. Pharaoh hounds have big ears that are moderately set high. They have small oval and medium deep setting shaped eyes. Their tails look like whips and ir is moderately set. It is more densed at the the base and it thins down at the ends. Their front legs are straight and their dewclaws can be taken out.. Pharaoh hounds have short, glossy and smooth coats. Their coats can have all colors ranging from bright tan to chestnut. These dogs can have various white markings.

Pharaoh hounds are self sufficient, having a mind of their own. They are such delightful companions to be with. These dogs are peace loving and they like to play games outdoors. Give these dogs regular exercises and they will become gentle. These dogs are affectionate and courageous. These are quiet dogs and they exhibit good behavior. They are intelligent and they like being around children. Pharaoh hounds are not so difficult to train. Their owners must understand their character and be persistent in their approach. Pharaoh hounds must be trained and socialized during their early ages. Training them will teach them what they can and cannot do. Owners must be mentally strong and these dogs will get that kind of energy. These dogs like to chase and are known for their speed. This is why they must not be taken out o their leas when owners walk with them. Daily long walks would be good for them. This way, they could release their energy. Mke sure that your dogs know that their handlers are their maters. Owners and handlers must be their pack leaders. These dogs must heel at the sides or back of their owners and handlers. By doing this, they will know that they are followers and not pack leaders.

Pharaoh hounds will reach heights of 23 – 25 inches. Females will have heights of 21 – 24 inches. These dogs will weigh 45 – 55 pounds.

Pharaoh hound dogs will do alright living in apartments but they must be given their daily exercises. These dogs are inactive indoors. They must be allowed to roam around in big yards that are secured. These dogs like to sleep inside the homes of their masters.

Pharaoh hounds are quite healthy but they are quite sensitive to the smell of insecticides and medicines.

Pharaoh hounds will live for around 11 – 14 years.

Pharaoh hounds do not need much grooming. Remove their dead hair with rubber brushes. Give them a bath only when it becomes a necessity. Pharaoh hounds are quite clean dogs. They do not exhibit doggy odor. These dogs are moderate shedders.

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