Monday, June 16, 2014

The Importance Of Giving First Aid To Dogs

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

All owners must know what to do when their dogs get hurt. They need to know how to give first aid. Remember that dog sthat have injuries are in pain and never go to them right away  nd put them into your arms. Owners must get a thick blanket or a cloth that is heavy. Fold it twice and place it over the dogs. If the dogs are suffering from broken bones, do not do this.

IF the dogs have BROKEN BONES, their bones mustbe kept as straight as possible. If ever the bones have pierced through the skin, affix a stick to it. This way it can be used as a splint by having it tied to their legs above and below the fractured bones. Thi will prevent the brojken bones from cutting a blood vessel.. Pull the leg bone clamly until the point of the bones that the pierced the skin does not show. After this owners can now splint it using thin pieces of wood. If their pelvis, ribs or shoulder bladeshave been broken, leave your dogs alone. Inform your mveterinarians what has happened and follow his instructions. Your veterinarians may be able to set their broken ribs or shoulder blades. Broken pelvis will mend on it's own.

If The dogs have accidentally bee POISONED needs quick treatment. Bring your dogs to the vets right away. Owners must empty their stomachs . The best way to do this is using hydrogen peroxide. The regular strength is 3%. Dilute half of this in a half filled bowl filled with water. Owners can use at least a tablespoon or even two. The nice thing about peroxide is that it turns into oxygen and wter. This is not harmful. After two minutes your dogs will vomit.  When their stomachs settles in, give your dogs epsom salts in a teaspoon with water.. This will make your dogs move their bowels. Hydrogen Peroxide is an antidote for phosphorus, which is an ingredient in rat poisons. Epson salts are antidotes for lead poisoning that are found in paint. The usual photographer's Hypo known as Sodium thiosulphate It can be added using a teaspoon with water. It  is a counteracting agent for arsenic. Owners can use any of these three elements. If they do not know the name of the poison, they can use any of these three elements. If owners know the name of the poison, call your veterinarians and he will give you instructions on what to do.

Many dogs who suffer from injuries from accident suffer from SHOCK. Their pulse are weak, while their hearts beat faster. The dog lays flat and the dogs are unconcerned of their pain. Shock must first be treated before other minor injuries. The goal of all owners is to keep these dogs warm. The Temperature must be at least 70 degrees fahenheit. They must be covered with blankets. Doing this will give them the much needed heat. If these dogs can swallow, one of the best stimulants is coffee with sugar, cream and a bit of salt. Owners must be slow in administering these things to their dogs. They must be given more time to swallow.

When dogs have CUTS especially on their feet, it will profusely bleed even though the cuts are small. Hold their paws on a plate of sugar. Doing this causes clots to form. The best disinfectant is peroxide. Cuts that are small will heal fast. If the cuts on their feet or legs that are bleeding a lot, use tourniquets. Owners must must tie a piece of sturdy cloth or bandage around the legs above the cut. Insert a stick in the the knot so that the bandage will tighten up. This will help put an end to the bleeding. Loosen the tourniquet every ten minutes. Keep it in the right position, until you can go to your vet.


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