Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Happy ( Standard ) German Spitzes

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The descendants of the German Spitzes dogs are the Nordic herding dogs like the Samoyeds and the Lapphunds. These dogs were brought in to Europe by the Vikings.. These dogs have been prominently mentioned in German literature in the early 1450's. There are three kinds of German Spitzs namely: The Giant, Toy and Standard. The Giant and toy types are known to be companion dogs. The Standard German Spitzs were used in the farms as workers and they were very good at it. These dogs are ancient dogs  and some say that these dogs even existed during the stone age.. The German Spitzs are considered to be quite rare even in Germany itself.

Standard German Spitzes do come in a large variety of colors like: brown, black , orange, wolf gray, silver gray with black shadings and white. They have packed in bodies, ears that are triangular in shape, close together and highly set. The hair they have on their heads is shorter than the hair on the all parts of their bodies. Although, the hair on their heads are short, it is quite thick. These dogs have very small feet with hair in between their toes. Their eyes appear to be evenly large. These dogs have curled up tails that reaches the top f their backs and it lies on the side of their bodies.

Standard German Spitzes are very lively, watchful and cheerful dogs. These dogs are known for their jumping skills and they like to stand up using their back legs. They will surely love the attention that their owners give them These dogs are very curious  and these dogs can suddenly bark at the sound of a door bell. Owners must make sure to train them when they should bark and when to not. Train these dogs while they are young puppies. They must know their role is. These dogs must understand what they can and cannot do. One of the the firs training they should know is obedience training. They should be given other kinds of training also. German Spitzes must know that they are just followers and not pack leaders. Owners must be their pack leaders . Owners must let them know that they are the boss but this should be done in a calm and firm manner. These dogs can be so demanding and they must be taught not to do so. These dogs are good for children but children must be taught leadership skills. These dogs can be very good companion dogs when they are trained in the proper manner. Standard German Spitzes must be socialized with the family of the owners at their early ages. These dogs are attractive and they can be very good show dogs. Owners must make sure that their dogs do their daily exercises. Owners must bring out their dogs for long daily walks. Doing this will keep their dogs very contented. Remember that your dogs must walk by sides or back of their owners. Doing these will show your dogs that their owners are their pack leaders. Walking and exercising will make these dogs physically and mentally fit.

Standard German Spitzes will reach heights of 11.5 - 14 inches and will weigh 23 - 41 pounds.

Standard German Spitzes are not known to have many health issues but they are prone to slipped patellas      ( kneecaps ).

Standard German Spitzes are fit for living in apartments but they must be allowed to roam around small yards that have been properly fenced.

Standard German Spitzes will live for about 13 - 15 years.

Standard German Spitzes needs to have their hair and coats brushed  everyday. Doing this will prevent matting There are some of these dogs that do not like to be groomed. Owners must train them to stay still while they are grooming their dogs.

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