Monday, June 2, 2014

The Energetic Pyrenean Shepherds

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez
Pyrenean Shepherds are dogs that were used for herding sheep. These dogs were bred for this particular
purpose. They used to move sheep in the French Mountains. Most of them have characteristics like terriers. Some say that they are the oldest French sheepdogs These dogs were developed in the French Mountains. They guarded and defended the sheep from wild animals. Animals. The Pyrenean Shepherds arrived in North America and were used primarily as herders. They became popular because they worked alongside soldiers in World War 1. These dogs were used as guards, messengers. They were also utilized as search and rescue assistants. Those who advocated the Pyrenean Shepherds established the breed standards in the 1970's. These dogs were given their due recognition by the American Kennel Club in 2009. Now, these dogs are used as companions and they used for search and rescue missions.

Pyrenean Shepherds have refined bone structures and they come in two coat kind. There is the smooth faced variety that has short smooth hair around their muzzles and slightly longer hair in other places.. These types have double coats with clusters of hair on the back of each of their legs and tails. The Long coats are divided in two classes the demi – long Pyrenean Shepherds, these dogs have medium length hair and the the coats on their bodies are long and flat. The rough faced Pyrenean Shepherds look like the Benjis and other mixed type of terriers. Their ears are commonly cropped and their tails are docked. Now, these dogs can be seen with their natural ears and having full tails.These dogs are quick on it's feet and quite athletic.

Pyrenean Shepherds are so energetic srlf assured, bold lively and very intelligent. These dogs are small in stature. These dogs tend to be passionately attached to their owners. They are quite sensitive to the moods of their owners.. Pyreneann Shepherds are loyal and devoted to the all family members. If any member of their family is threatened, they can become protective of them. These dogs are affectionate and full of enthusiasm. This is so, if their owners are quite active. They are quite insistent in being involved in any of the day's actitvities.. Whatever and wherever the action is, they want to play a part in it. Pyrenean Shepherds are suspicious of strangers. These dogs must be trained and socialized while they are puppies.while they are puppies. Training and socialization must be continued throughout their existence. This will make them comfortable and trustworthy around other not familiar people. This is also true for other companion animals. Pyrenean Shepherds must know that their owners are their pack leaders. Just make sure when you train them, do it a calm but firm manner. These dogs need their daily exercises and walks. When walking these dogs, make sure that they heel on your sides or at your back.

Pyrenian Shepherds belonging to the long haired kind must reach heights of 15 – 18. 5 inches from the tallest point of their bodies The smooth haired Pyrenean Shepherds must have heights of 15 – 21 inches fro m the tallest point of their bodies.

Pyrenean Shepherds must be seen by the veterinarian doctors just to check if they have hip dysplasia and other eye problems. They must also be checked for hearing and elbow problems.

Pyreneann Shepherds need mental and physical stimulation. Pyrenean Shepherds can live in any amount of space given to it but they need mental and physical stimulation. Don't leave these dogs fo r a number of hours alone because it can chew up things. These dogs need to be tired and this is what makes them happy.

Pyrenean Shepherds can live for 15 years.

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