Friday, June 13, 2014

Taking Good Care Of Your Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Taking care of your dogs means spending time with them willfully everyday. Owners can take advantage of this moments. It gives them precious time to get to know their dogs better.. This is the beat time that owners can spend a few minutes bonding with each other. Your dogs will surely appreciate it. Doing this makes your dogs look neat and it will surely lower the the probabilities of your dogs getting sick.

BRUSHING your dogs must not just be a job that owners must have to do.. This should be treated as precious time spent with their dogs . Owners must take pride in keeping the coats of their dogs as clean and shiny as possible.. Brushing your dogs will give them a nice sensation. It does activate the flow of oil in their skin. Brushing should follow three steps. Owners must brush their dogs to clean the external parts of their coats. Brush their undercoats solidly to take out unwanted little things or hair that could have gotten stuck in there. Give their skin a bit of massage for their own delight. They will love it. Afterwards brush their hair back to their usual position.. When brushing dogs, owners must feel relaxed.. They can place their dogs on tables or floors. Do it it in a slow manner and and make sure that every part of their bodies have been brushed properly. Turn them over calmly and gently brush their abdomen. Be aware of fleas, ticks and skin irritations.

BATHING your dogs must be done only when it becomes necessary. Bathe your dogs in a place that is warm. Use a tub that is half filled with water ( bigger dogs may need bigger tubs ) . There are several things that owners will need: a wash cloth, dog soap or shampoo and at least three cloth towels. Always start with their heads and ears. Use a soaked wash rag. Do not use any soap or shampoo. Afterwards, owners must wash their dogs from front to back and top to bottom. Make sure that when using soap or shampoo, the suds do not get into their eyes or ears. After putting soap or shampoo, completely rinse your dogs . Just make sure that every bit of soap and shampoo is removed from every part of their bodies. Wrap your dogs with a towel because this will prevent the owners from getting wet. Their natural instincts are to shake themselves. Use the the towel firmly to clean your dogs. When these dogs are dry, allow them to roam around a warm room that is clean.

FEET care is necessary. The feet of your dogs must be looked at often. There may be cuts at their foot pads and this can cause irritation and infections.. Trim the nails of your dogs or when giving them exercises, it must be done on hard pavements.. Nails that are allowed to grow long will just tear off . The dogs will feel a lot of pain when their nails are torn. If so, it should be treated right away.. Use nail polish remover and acetone in case you need to remove tar or gum.. Get a dog nail clipper because it is very useful. Make sure that owners must cut their nails properly, if not bleeding will flow.

EYE care is very important. Owners must look at their eyes carefully. After your dogs go roaming around tall grass, owners must wash their eyes calmly with warm water in order to get rid of weed seeds or any foreign matter can cause damage to their eyes. There are eye
washes that can be bought commercially and can be used for cleaning their eyes.
EAR care is also necessary. The ears of all dogs are also delicate . Their ears need to be cared for because it can cause irritatyion. Never wash their ears with soap and water. Their ears need to be swabbed with cotton that has been dipped in olive oil or peroxide. Do it gently and do not go very deep. Ear washes can also be bought in dog stores .

TEETH care is a necessity. Dogs that are allowed by their owners to chew on big bones, hard biscuits or rawhide bones will keep their teeth cleans. Owners can use regulated toothbrush or toothpaste. If their teeth are so discolored , owners can have their teeth bleached with hydrogen peroxide.

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