Thursday, June 19, 2014

Serious Dog Ailments

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

All Dogs can suffer various different kinds of illnesses and it could be serious. This is the reason why inoculations, good diet, giving them plenty of exercises, having clean quarters and day to day grooming is important. If owners do this,  they can prevent serious illnesses that can besiege their dogs. Here are are some of the more serious ailments:

1. Owners must know the normal TEMPERATURES of their dogs. If their than that of the usual norm., then there must be something wrong with their dogs. If it stays that ways for twenty four hours, it can signal that there is something wrong with your dogs. This is the time that you should bring your dogs to the vets for them to be looked up. When taking their temperature, place your dogs on a table. The bulb end of the rectal thermometers must be coated with petroleum jelly. Raise the tail of the dogs and insert half of the thermometer's length to the rectum of the dogs. Wait for one or two minutes . Pull it out slowly, diinfect it right away and then shake it downwards.

2. The symptoms of COLDS are almost the same then that of snuzzzles, sneezes, runny eyes and nose, The treatment is quite the same also. Keep your dogs warm indoors, make sure your dogs are given a lot of time to reat and give them some baby aspirin. These dogs must be protected from drafts. Only take them outdoors to relieve themselves and these dogs must be coverde by a dry cloths to keep them wars. Unless, other serious infection develops, these dogs must be feeling well in a few days. If their temperature continues to be high, then owners must seek the help of their vets.

3. Frequent DIARRHEA is the result of your dogs having a bad diet. If this continues for just two days, then it can be the result of some intestinal upset. If it still persist, There are remedial measures that owners can do. Mix boiled  rice and cooked hamburger. Make sure that they are both even. Add 10 % of canned tomatoes or cottage cheese. Give your dogs ab teaspoonful of kaopectate every three hours. For severe reoccurring cases, give your dogs six ounces of black sweetened coffee with Karo syrup. Take out all drinking water but give your dogs ice cubes so that they can lick it when they are thirsty. Sometimes, a few days after your dogs have diarrhea, blood spots can appear. It may not be serious but if it persists, then owners must bring their dogs to their vets.

3. KENNEL COUGH is a common ailment of puppies and adult dogs. It's a kid of cough where dogs seem to be trying to clear their throats or even vomit but barely nothing comes out.. The cough is more severe at night time. The dogs appear to be normal and their temperatures are just right. KENNEL Cough is caused when dogs are kept in crowded crowded. Luckily, the dogs can recover even without treatment. It will take them at least six weeks. For severe cases your vets must be consulted.. There are dog cough medicined that owners can buy that will treat this kind of problem.

4. DISTEMPER was once before a frequent occurrence in dogs. Now, because of inoculations, it's not a regular occurrence anymore. New born puppies must be given temporary inoculations right away.  When they are ten weeks old, they must be given permanent shots. The symptoms of this kind of ailments are: continuing yellowish mucus from their eyes, loss of appetite, emaciation and a loose bad smelling bowel movement. The most obviously seen symptoms are photophobia:  light hurting their eyes. They cannot glance directly at light. If this is the case, make sure that your dog see your vets. Keep your dogs warm and give them more nourishing diet and lot of water so that they will not be dehydrated. Your vets will prescribe antibiotics for the distempger and for other infections which these dogs may have because they have been

5. Diet is is usually the cause of CONSTIPATION. Give your dogs something different to eat. They must eat more vegetables and roughage like dog biscuits and kibble. For quick relief they must be given small dosages of milk of magnesia. Owners can give them mineral oil and mix it with their food. When the dogs are well, owners must continue giving their dogs the new diet. If they do not their condition will come back.

6. The best prevention for all serious illnesses are INOCULATIONS. that are now available.. In other countries, these are required by law. The common vaccination shots given to dogs are rabies, hepatitis, distemper, tetanus and leptospirosis. Be able to take full advantage of this shots and those other shots that your vets will recommend. This is done for the safety, protection and for the good health of your dogs.

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