Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Minor Ailments Of Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Dogs do get ailments just like all human beings do. Here are some minor ailments that your dogs may encounter. It is best for owner to know how to deal with these sicknesses. Healthy dogs are happy dogs.

There are several SKIN Diseases like eczema, mange, ringworms and other skin diseases. Owners must consult their vets on what to do. Setting an appointment with your vets will be beneficial for your dogs. If owners do spot small skin lesions on their dogs, this can be treated by applying a combination of equal mixtures of glycerine and iodine on a daily basis. Owners can acquire these skin remedies at their favorite pet shops. If the problem does not get fixed, then it is time for your dogs to see their vets.. Some of these skin diseases can be transmitted to humans.. It is very important to wash your hands thoroughly after handling dogs that have all sorts of skin ailments.

All dogs are susceptive to having FLEAS. This problem can be solved in two ways. Owner must get rid of the fleas and eggs  that have been flourishing in their bodies and in the areas where the dog goes and sleep. I is a must for owners to use the best flea powders or aerosol sprays. Follow the directions on the containers  After reading the instructions, completely disinfect the places your dogs usually goes to and their beds. After doing this .brush the coats and hair of your dogs. This ways you can remove all the dead fleas and those that are dying. Dog fleas can cause a lot of skin diseases  and owners must  never neglect this problem.

The small purplish brown lumps that can be seen hanging on all dog's skin are called TICKS. These things can be spotted also inside the ears of dogs. Ticks can be taken out by touching them with acetone or nail polish. There is another way of doing it and it is done by using cotton swabs that have been dipped in alcohol or by using camphor. It works by loosening their hold on the dog's skin and the owners can pluck out these ticks by using tweezers. Take hold of the ticks firmly at the point wherein the heads are embedded on the skin. Do not worry if parts of the skin comes out when you pull out the ticks. This makes sure that the ticks mouth parts are not left behind. If they are left behind, these parts can cause infections. Use peroxide as an antiseptic.

Even if owners take good care of their dogs, WORMS cannot be avoided. There are different kinds of worms such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. These are just a few of them. Each one requires different treatment. Owners must be sure of what kind of worms their dogs have because they must give their dogs the right medications.. They can find out what kind of worms are in their dogs when they vomit or through their bowel movements. When the dogs have potbellies, continuous vomiting, running eyes and nose, these can be signs that they have worms inside their bodies.. Another indication is when they drag their rumps on the floors. This can mean that there is a number of secreted elements in the anal glands of their dogs.. This must be taken out.

In puppies the most common worms found are ROUNDWORM.  Luckily, these are the most easiest worms that can be removed . These worms are moderately long, white or pinkish and they have the appearance of coil springs that are used in watches. Give them worm capsules that can be found in your favorite pet shops. Owners must follow the instructions written in the packages.. If owner are not sure of what kind of worms they are, go to your vets Bring a sample of their stools and he will use a microscope to examine it. Your vets will give you a prescription aor what kind of medicine will be good for your puppies. Worm medicines  are  of a strong kind except medicines that are given if your dogs have roundworms. Use thesew me medicines with precautions.

When dogs continue to scratch their ears, they may have an infection called EAR CRANKER.  Look at their ears because it is necessary when things like this happen.  If it is necessary, use a cotton swab dipped in olive oil to clean their ears. Owners can buy prepared ear washes at their favorite pet shops. Try it but if it does not work, bring your dogs to the vet. The ears of your dogs are sensitive. They can hear sounds much farther than any human being can. Do this to keep your dogs in good shape. Healthy dogs are happy dogs.

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