Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fundadamentals Of Dog Obedience Training

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

A good dog is an obedient dog. Obedience training must be taught to your dogs when they are at least six months old. Owners must be quite patient and do not. Do not excessively emphasize what you are teaching them. Use the same tone of voice when repeating your commands. Do not sound harsh because they will never respond to any commands that you give them. If owners are getting impatient, stop and rest for a moment. Training sessions must not last for more than fifteen minutes.

When teaching your dogs the command COME,  owners must take their dogs outside. Affix a light check cord that is at least 20 feet long to their collars. Dogs will get attracted easily  to any  part of your yard that fascinates them.  Call them by their names and say come or come here . If he does come back to you, give him a treat. Let them roam around and then give the command again Give a bit of break time and do it all over again. Dogs don't want to be disturbed and they won't do it again. Take hold of of the end of the check cord , repeat the command and give the cord a quick sharp thrust. Dogs will probably try to resist but be keep on giving the commands. A bit more of sharp thrusts will probably bring these dogs back to their owners. If they don' , bring your dogs near and give them rewards. Do not reprimand your dogs using high tones. They will feel that their owners are mad at them. Sometimes they do something that are wrong. Bring them to the pot and reprimand them in a calm manner. Dogs must always feel when you say COME something nice is going to happen.

When dogs are in front of their owners or by their sides. Owners must hold the leash tauts in their right hands and give the command SIT. At the same time, owners must lean over and press their rumps until their dogs are sitting. Dogs will wnt to lay down or lay ie down on their sides. Use your leashes to bring them back to a sitting position and give the a treat.. These are rituals that must be repeated over and over again. Always reward them with a treat when your dogs follow this certain command correctly. Dogs are smart and they will correlate this command with the pressure. Now, they will anticipate this command by sitting without being touched.

When Dogs have been taught to sit down, it will not be difficult to teach them the word DOWN. Using one hand, hold them by their collar, give the command DOWN and press their romp with the other hand. When they are sitting, pull their front feet under them while still pressing on them with your left hands. There is
another way to do this an this can be done also by passing the leashes under one oe shoe of the owner. Owners must hold their tauts with their right hands, simultaneously pressing down their shoulders with their left hands and giving the command Down. Give the command UP, then stake two steps so that the dogs will stand up. Constant repetition of the word Down will teach these dogs to down on their four legs and they can stay like that for a period of time.

When Dogs have been taught SIT and DOWN, the command Stay becomes an extension of these two commands. Owners must face their dogs and give them the order to Stay. Owners must back slowly aeay fro their dogs and reprimanding them with your finger upraised to STAY. If your dogs start to move, give them a sharp sounding No. Lay down their leashes on on the ground pointing from the dogs to their owners. Owners must slowly back away.. Just keep repeating STAY or NO according to the way they react.. During every lesson, owners must move farther away from their dogs. Do this until there is a big space between the owners and the end parts of the leashes.. If he STAY without moving even for just a moment, give ive your dogs a pat. Praise and reward your dogs for their obedience.

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