Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Sweet Tempered Clumber Spaaniels

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Clumber Spaniels do not have a a well documented history. Some say that their ancestors are the Basset Hound, Saint Bernard and Alpine Spaniels. It is not sure whether they originated in France in the 18th century. The Duke of Noailles had a small number of these dogs. He transferred his dogs to England so that they could be taken cared by his family. This is because there was a threat of revolution in France. The Duke of Newcastle was his relative. It was here that these dogs were fully developed. These dogs were first shown in a show during the nineteenth century. These dogs were favorites of British monarchs.The name clumber comes from the name of the estate of the Duke of Newcatle known as Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire, England. It's a slow and silent dog. Clumber Spaniels can work alone or in packs. These dogs have lots of stamina. These dogs were used to hunt down partridge and pheasants. Chamber Spaniels are also good retrievers.Clumber Spaniels were given their due recognition by the the American Kennel Club in 1884.

Clumber Spaniels do have heavy bone structures. They have melting heads that are bulky.These dogs have short legs. This is the reason why their bodies are close to the ground. They have large muzzles that are deep but will well defined stops with heavy brows. Their noses are broad with color shades of brown, cherry, rose or beige. These dogs have extensive chests that are rather deep. The front legs of these dogs are straight.Their teeth are joined together in level bites. Clumber Spaniels have deep setting eyes that are dark amber in color. The lateral parts of their lips are seen hanging over their lower jaws. These dogs have hanging ears that are vine leaf like in shape. They have thick necks that are heavy. These dogs have throats that are well feathered. Clumber Spaniels have feathered tails that are docked or left alone in it's natural state. Their coats are soft, flat, thick and straight. They have white coats, with markings of lemon or orange. Go out with them for their daily walks

Clumber Spaniels are mild manner, very calm, loyal and loving dogs. These dogs are weary of strangers.. Among the hunting breeds, these dogs are even tempered. Matured Clumber Spaniels are not so active when they are matured. Owners must be their pack leaders. Train and socialize these dogs at their early ages. This way they will know what they can and cannot do. Clumber Spaniels will be well behaved when they are taught what to do. These dogs are not known for their barking capabilities. Their memories are exceptional and they would like to please their owners.. Give them chew toys and they will love it. These dogs need a lot of exercise. Owners can play fetch the ball with them. When walking with them, these dogs must heel at your sides or at your backs. Doing it this way, will remind your dogs that owners are their pack leaders.

Clumber Spaniels will reach heights of 16 – 20 inches and will weigh 55 – 85 pounds.

Clumber Spaniels can acquire diseases such as hip dysplasia, entropion, cataracts, panosteitis ( juvenile lameness )and dry eyes. They could have skin and flea allergies.

Clumber Spaniels will do alright living in apartments as long as they are given their proper exercises daily. These dogs are not active indoors. They need to roam around in small yards that are properly fenced.

Clumber Spaniels will live for about 10 -12 years.

Clumber Spaniels must have their coats brushed and combed regularly. Their coats must also be trimmed when needed. Clean their eyes and ears. Check on their eyes and ears regularly. They can develop irritations on their ears. There are lotions that you can buy and it will bring relief to them. These dogs are known to shed heavily


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