Friday, May 9, 2014

The Obedient Gordon Setters

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Gordon Setters were created in Scotland inn the early 1700's. These dogs became famous in the early 1900's because they were well established by Alexander Gordon the 4th Duke of Gordon. He had a kennel of Black and Tan Setters. Because these dogs had a great sense of smell, these dogs could point to the birds that have been shot down and retrieve them.. These dogs were energetic and they can do their hunting even during the cold season. Even if the weather was bad, they could still hunt on land and on water. These dogs were used to develop the Irish Setters. They make good one person hunting dogs. They are in the group of gun and sporting dogs.

Gordon Setters are slim dogs but they are built to be strong. They have deep setting heads and their muzzles are long. Their muzzles must have the same measurements as their skulls. These dogs have well defined stops. Their noses are black and wide. The teeth of these dogs are joined together in level bites. Their long ears are set low. It's almost as the same level of their eyes and it can be seen hanging closely to their heads. Gordon Setters have round eyes They have short tails but they are not docked.. Their short tails do not reach their joints that are located on their hind legs. These dogs have hair on their ears, under their stomach, chests, backsides of their legs and on their tails. The hair on these parts are much longer than the hair located in the other parts of their bodies. These dogs have gleaming coats that are a bit wavy. The feathers on the undersides of their tails starts long at their base but it becomes shorter as it goes down to the ends. It gives it a triangle type of appearance.. These are the only setter dogs that have black and tan markings. These tan spots are either mahogany or full chestnut colors . These markings do appear over their eyes, on the sides of their muzzles, throats, two spots on their chests, legs and at the anal portion of these dogs. At times, they could have small white spots on their chests.

Gordon Setters are known for their faithfulness and obedience. These dogs are well mannered, loving and with a good temper. Gordon Setters are dedicated dogs and owners will surely love their company. They will do well with children. Gordon Setters are courageous, cheerful and tender loving dogs. They are very smart dogs and are skillful hunters. Their sense of smell are very good and almost faultless. They need to go on long walks and they do need to exercise a lot. If they do not do their daily activities, they can be destructive. Make sure that when you walk these dogs, they must heel on your sides or at your backs. This way, they will know that their owners are their pack leaders. These dogs must be trained and socialized with the families of owners at their young ages. Training them early will tell them what they can do and can't do. When trainingordonsetters4.jpgg these dogs, owners must be firm but they must also be cool headed. They are a bit skeptical when it comes to strangers.

Male Gordon Setters will reach heights of 24 – 27 inches and will wigh 55 – 70 pounds. Female Gordon Setters grow as tall as 23 – 26 inches and will weigh as much as 45 – 70 pounds.

Gordon Setters cannot live in apartments. They will not be active indoors. These dogs need homes that
have big yards that are properly fenced. This must be done so that these dogs cannot escape.

Gordon Setters are expected to live for 10 – 12 year.

Gordon Setters can acquire health issues such as: hip dysplasia, bloat, eye diseases like Progressive Retinal Atrophy ( PRA ) and cataracts.They should be fed three small meals a day.

Gordon Setters have medium, flat and soft coats that must be brushed consistently. Since these are hunting dogs, owners must check them out for burrs. This may be any tiny pieces of wood or other things that might have gotten stuck up on their coats. Give special attention to these dogs when they are shedding.. Give them baths only when it becomes necessary. Trim the hair on the bottom of their feet and their nails must be clipped. These dogs are medium shedders.

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