Monday, May 26, 2014

The Magnificent and Beautiful Flat Coat Retrievers

By: Eduaro C.Gonzalez

Flat Coat Retrievers were developed in the 1800's in the United Kingdom. Their development began by crossbreeding Newfoundland and St. Johns Waters Dogs that were brought to Britain by Canadian Seafarers. These dogs wre crossed with collies so that their working strength would increase and also with Irish Setters so that their scenting abilities would intensify. Flat Coat Retrievers were great show dogs and sporting dogs until the beginning of world war 1. These dogs were used by fishermen and hunters. They were excellent dogs because they could swim and they had remarkable sense of smell. Flat Coat Retrievers were very useful in retrieving birds. They could retrieve birds in plains and in areas that were thick with trees and bushes. These dogs were given recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1915.

Flat Coat Retrievers are truly beautiful and magnificent dogs . They are medium to large sized dogs. These dogs are known have sturdy but soft jaws. They have lengthy muzzles and this allows these dogs to carry birds and other small game animals in field competitions. Their muzzles have moderate stops.These dogs have black noses on black dogs and brown noses on liver colored dogs. Their eyes are almond shaped eyes. The colors of their eyes are dark or brown. The teeth of these dogs meet in even like bites. The triangular shaped ears are well feathered, small and close to their heads.These dogs have deep chests and are wide. The backs of these dogs are short and are square. They have strong feet that are well rounded. Their coats are medium in length, thick. Flat Coat Retrievers have smooth coats that lies flat on their bodies. The colors are either solid black or liver. They have fully feathered leg, chests and tails.

Flat Coat Retrievers are beautiful and superb dogs for children. These dogs make good family pets. Tthey like to please their owners and they are even tempered. Flat Coat Retrievers are loving and affectionate dog. These dogs are so friendly and they fo like everyone including strangers. Flat Coat Retrievers are known to get they love to play around.. Throw balls and they will retrieve it. They are inactive indoors but are really active outdoors. These dogs are very intelligent but faithful companions They are very sociable dogs but they need thir owners to show strong leadersship. Socialize and train these dogs at their early stages. Flat Coat Retrievers can have good relationships. with other dogs and pets..Give these dogs daily walks because these dogs have migration instincts. Make sure that these dogs heel at your sides or at your backs. This is one way to show them that ntheir owners are their true leader.

Flat Coat Retrievers will reach heights of 22 – 23 inches and they will weigh at least 60 – 70 pounds.

Flat Coat Retrievers are susceptible to cancer, PRA ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy ), CHD ( Congenital Heart Disease ), epilepsy and diabetes.

Flat Coat Retrievers will live for 10 years.

Flat Coat Retrievers are not recommended for apartment living. The reason is that they are inactive indoors. They need homes with averaged sized yards. They need to be alongside their families. They will be at their best if they live inside their family homes. They must be given time to play outside.

Flat Coat Retrievers only need to have be brushed weekly. They need a bit of trimming. These dogs are medium shedders. Gives these dogs a bath only when it is necessary.

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