Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Highly Spirited Japanese Spitz

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The exact origin of the Japanese Spitz is not known. Some say, they can be descendants of Siberian Samoyeds. is questionable. There are those who believe that the Samoyeds were created to breed small dogs.They even say that these resulted in to what we call the Japanese Spitz. If you look at the the appearance of the Japanese Spitz, you'll think that these dogs are a smaller version of the Samoyeds. These dogs were developed in the 1800's. The Japanese Spitz dogs became famous in Japan in the 1950's. Their numbers in their homeland decreased. These dogs became well known in North America, Australia and Europe.

Japanese Spitz dogs have long haired coats. Their undercoats are thick and have a pure white color. Their tails are enclosed with long hair and it goes curling over their backs.They have short coats at the bottom parts of their legs. It covers their hind legs and the feathers of their forelegs. These dogs have small ears that stand erect. Their muzzles starts to thin out about. These dogs have rounded eyes that are dark and a bit slanted. Japanese Spitz have noses and lips that are colored black. These dogs have faces that are formed like wedges. Their feathers are quite thick  on their feet.

The Japanese Spitz are known to be highly spirited, intelligent and playful dogs. They are obedient and alert dogs. These little dogs are aggressive watchdogs and they will alarm their their owners when they feel it is necessary. These dogs are not hard to train. Owners must be consistent in training their dogs. They are particularly good at agility competitions. They like to play games and they can catch frisbees. These dogs can be trained easily and they are fast learners. Japanese Spitz are joyful dogs and they will be good with children They will do well with other dogs and pets in the homes of their owners. Owners must give them obedience training. This is the only way you can make these dogs behave properly. Owners must be their pack leaders. Make sure that when walking these dogs, they must heel on their owner's sides and back. If owners are their pack leaders, these dogs will not display bad behavior. Japanese Spitz are dogs that must be given daily mental and physical exercises. These dogs must be taken for long walks because these dogs do pack a lot of energy.

 Japanese Spitz dogs will reach heights of 12 – 15 inches and will weigh as much as 11 – 20 pounds.

Japanese Spitz dogs can acquire sicknesses like hip dysplasia and PRA ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy ).

Japanese Spitz dogs will do alright living in apartment. This is as long as they are given their daily exercises and allowed to go for daily long walks with their owners.

Japanese Spitz dogs will live for about 12 years

Japanese Spitz dogs must be combed and brushed on a consistent basis. These dogs are very clean. They must take their baths only when it is necessary. When these dogs are shedding, use a comb that has a double row of metal teeth so that the loose hairs can be taken out.

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