Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Gentle Italian Greyhounds

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Italian Greyhounds have existed for centuries but there is no proof where these dogs came
from or how they were developed. There were dogs that appeared to be like Italian greyhounds that were found in areas like Turkey, Greece and in other areas of the Mediterranean.They were spotted in these areas nearly 2000 years ago.. Miniature greyhounds were located all around southern Europe. Italian Courtiers seemed to have like these dogs. They brought these dogs with them to the King's Court. These dogs were brought to England in the 17th century and it became so famous with the nobility. These dogs were also very popular in Italy. Their popularity grew and it peaked during the reign of Queen Victoria. They almost became extinct after world war 2.. Fortunately these dogs were brought to the United States of America.. Even though their numbers dwindled, the dogs were of high quality. These dogs with other imported dogs were used to recreate thg3ese dogs in Europe. These deogs have increased and they have been quite famous again.

Italian Greyhounds have fine looking bodies. These small dogs have well defined bone structures. Their heads are long but quite shallow looking. Their heads are somewhat flat and their muzzles get to be smaller at a certain point. Their strops are kind of slim. The noses of these dogs are either black or brown and it all depends what color their coats are. Their teeth are joined together in scissor like bites. These dogs have small ears that fold back along their heads. They have deep chests but their chests are narrow. Italian Greyhounds are know for their straight front legs. Their dewclaws can be taken out.. These dogs are known for their thin, long and low setting tails. It gets to be smaller as it reaches a certain point. They have all sorts of coat colors. It can be slate gray, gray, red fawn, cream, blue or black. Their coats can be colored white with colored spots. They can have white spots on their chests and feet.

Italian Greyhounds are site and sound dogs packed together in one small package. These dogs nave good characteristics. They like to run a lot and do a lot of chasing. These dogs are very gentle and sensitive. Italian Greyhounds are weary of strangers and they can be timid with them around. They are dedicated to their families and are very good with children. They will mix well with other dogs and pets in their owner's homes. These dogs can suffer injuries, if the children are rowdy. They can also be easily harmed by bigger dogs. These dogs can be trained easily and it is better to do it while they are young. This is the only way that they can be taught what they can and cannot do. They must be socialized with the family at their early ages. These dogs must be given their daily exercises and they must also go for long walks with their owners. Doing this, will prevent these dogs from becoming destructive. Owners must assert themselves to be their pack leaders. In doing so they must do it in a calm manner. When walking these dogs, they must heel at their sides or at their backs. These dogs are known to run fast and are quite adept at climbing.
Italian Greyhounds will reach heights of 12 – 15 inches. They will weigh as much 6 – 10 pounds.

Italian Greyhounds are susceptible to epilepsy, slipped stifle, epilepsy, fractures and PRA ( Progressive Retinal
 Atrophy ).

Italian Greyhounds will do well living in apartments. They must have their routinary exercises and they must go for long walks with their owners. These dogs are moderately active indoors and they will be alright even without a yard to run.. Place a shirt on them when the weather is cold because they are rather sensitive.
Italian Greyhounds will live for at least 12 – 15 years.

Italian Greyhounds are quite easy to groom. Use a chamois to rub their coats and this will ensure that their coats will look shiny.Give them a bath only when it is necessary. These dogs are known to be light shedders.

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