Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Friendly Pugs

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

 Pugs are one of the oldest breeds of dogs in existence today.Pugs have been around since 400 BC. There are few facts regarding these dogs, There is a strong belief that these dogs originated from China. They have been seen in many artworks of Chinese origin. These dogs were famous with  Chinese nobility. The breed that we have today are of English origin. The first batch of pugs arrived in England in the 16th century.They were first called the Dutch Mastiffs but actually they do not have anything to do with this breed. The Whilloughby family of England were the ones who developed this strain of pugs. These dogs we see now have the same physical shape and behavioral patterns as the dogs that existed in the 1800's. The only difference are the cropped ears.

Pugs have square shaped bodies that are stout. Their muscles are well defined and they are deep chested. Pugs have short muzzles that are dull. They have strong legs, that are straight and are proportionate to their bodies. These dogs have large heads and vast wrinkles. Pugs have rounded eyes that are very dark in color. You 'll just admire these dogs by just looking at their captivating eyes. Their mask that are near their muzzle areas are dark black.Their ears are small and they come in two different shapes known as the rose and button. The button shaped ears are folded and this is what it's real shape should be. The rose shaped ears are also acceptable. Their tails must be tightly curled. It should be up and over the hip and it must lean towards one side. These dogs must have fine coats that are silky and smooth. The color of their coats are silver, apricot - fawn or black. For silver and apricot fawn color dogs, their muzzle, ears and trace line which starts from their heads goes all the way to their backs should be quite dark.

Pugs have temperaments that are well liked. These dogs are friendly and very outgoing. They love to be surrounded by children. Despite their looks, they are tough a tough breed. They like to play with adults and even with children. These dogs have strong minds and they are determined when they have had too much of everything. These dogs must have firm pack leaders. These dogs need to be properly socialized with their their young age..Give them obedience training at an early age. This way they will know what they can and cannot do. They must have their daily exercises and these dogs must go for long walks with their owners. Just be sure that they will walk by the side or at the back of their pack leaders.They love being a part of the family and they enjoy the company of people.

Pugs have common heath problems such as: spondylosis, dislocation of kneecaps, deratitis, demodex and pug encephalitis.

Pugs have a lifespan of 12 – 14 years.

Pugs will reach heights of 12 – 14 inches.. Pugs will weigh at least 14 – 18 pounds.

Pugs can live in apartments. They are not active indoors. These dogs  need to roam around in properly fenced yards. These dogs cannot withstand hot or cold weathers. It is just but proper for these dogs to be kept inside their owners homes.

Pugs have smooth and short haired coats that can be easily groomed. Brush their coats with a firm bristle brush. Use shampoo on these dogs only when necessary. Immediately dry these dogs with a clean towelette so that these dogs will not chill. Clean their faces regularly so that the creases on their face can be removed. Pugs are heavy shedders and they shed seasonally.

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