Friday, May 23, 2014

The Easy Going Eurasiers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Eurasiers were created by Julius Wipfel in 1960. He was a German breeder. He wanted to make a wolf like spitz dog with a good temperament. He wanted these dogs to be friendly These dogs were developed by crossing the wolf spitz. and the chow chow. It was first named the wolf chow. Itgot it's new name Eurasiers when th the breed was crossed with Samoyeds. His main goal was to make these dogs look beautiful and become ideal family dogs

Eurasiers have Spitz type frames that are enveloped with thick medium length coats that can come in colors such as red to wolf grey, black, black and tan. The head of these dogs are wedge shaped and their muzzles are tapered. Eurasiers have dark eyes and their triangular ears are in a standing position. They have strong muscular necks can have some chest manes. It's feather liked tails can be carried over their backs or it could be hanging. Eurasiers have thick undercoats. Eurasiers have medium to long lying loose lying guard hair all throughout their bodies. They do have short coats on their muzzles, faces, ears and front legs. Their tails and the back of their front legs plus their hind legs must be covered with long hair. Eurasiers must have tongues that are colored pink, blue,black or spotted.

Eurasiers are one of the best companion dogs that families can have. These dogs are cool, friendly, quiet and evenly tempered. They are loving affectionate and loyal dogs. When it comes to strangers, they are reserved and shy. Socialize them and train these dogs at their early ages.They must know what they can and cannot do. When training these dogs, owners must do it in a calm manner. They will form a strong bonding relationship with their families. Eurasiers are smart and they learn very fast. These are playful dogs and they are excellent dogs for children. Owners must show that they are the pack leaders. Eurasiers are not good guard dogs but they will excel as watch dogs. Owners must take these dogs out for long daily walks. Make sure that they heel on your sides or at your backs. Doing this will show them that their owners are their leaders. These dogs rarely bark.

Eurasier males will reach heights of 20 – 24 inches and they will weigh as much as 50 – 70 pounds. Eurasier females will have heights of 16 – 18 inches and will weigh 40 – 60 pounds.

Eurasiers have few genetic health issues. It is good to test these dogs for sicknesses like hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism.

Euraiers will do well living in apartments but they need to have plenty of exercises. They also need to have a lot of family time. Do not leave these dogs alone or keep them confined in small places.

Eurasiers will live for at least 11 – 13 years.

Eurasiers need to be regularly brushed and groomed especially during fall and spring shedding seasons. Give them a bath only when it is necessary.

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