Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Cheerful Little Lion Dogs Called Lowchens

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

 Lowchens are dogs that originated in Europe and most probably, these dogs are from Germany. The name in German means little lion dogs. These dogs were groomed to look like little lion dogs. They were used in the early times to warm the feet of women with their exposed skin. Lowchens were well known in Germany, France, Italy and Spain in the 1500's. This popularity continued till the 1800's. Their numbers lessened after the two world wars.. The number of these dogs have started to increase but it is still quite rare. These dogs have been recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1996.

Lowchens have the look of lions since most of their coats are cut to make it look like lions. These small dogs have short heads and wide skulls. The muzzles of thes dogs are the same or a bit shorter than their back skulls. Their eyes are rounded and the colors of their eyes are mostly black. .Lowchens have pendant shaped ears with a bit of feathers. Their ears are medium in length. Lowchens have long coats. They have well proportioned short bodies. The tails of these dogs are moderate in length but their tails are set rather high. The most common colors of these dogs are black, white and lemon. The coats in their back and front legs are clipped and so are the coats on their tails hat are near their bodies. If their coats are not clipped, it stays lon, and thick. Their coats are reasonably soft.

Lowchens are delightful dogs. They have cheerful attitudes and this could have started since the time that they were allowed to sleep in the beds of ladies centuries ago.. They were used like hot bottles that warmed the feet of these ladies. They were petted and fussed over by their female owners. Lowchens are tender loving dogs. These dogs are sociable and smart. Train these dogs at their early ages and they do learn easily. By training and socializing these dogs, they will become appropriate dogs for any family. Lowchens love to play and are excellent dogs for children. Although, they can look fragile because of their lion cut coats, this is not true. Lowchens are sturdy and tough dogs. These dogs are unyielding and arrogant. These can be corrected easily by proper training.Owners must show that they are the pack leaders. They must be firm, but they must be rather calm when dealing with these dogs. Display proper leadership towards these dogs and they will be easy to handle. They do bark a lot especially if they see unknown people approaching their owner's home. They tend to do dig a lot of times. Lowchens must be given daily walks. Make sure that they heel by your sides and at your backs. This will show them that owners are their leaders.

Lowchens will have heights of 10 – 13 inches and they will weigh at least 9 – 18 pounds.

Lowchens are healthy dogs but they can develop bad teeth and they can dislocate their kneecaps.

Lowchens can live in apartments because they are rather active indoors. They will do alright without yards. It would be nice for owners to let them roam around properly fenced yards.

Lowchens have a life expectancy of 12 – 14 years.
Lowchens must have their coats brushed and and combed on a regular basis. There are some owners who like to give these dogs a puppy clip. They would rather do this then clip the parts of their coats that will give them that lion look. These dogs shed little hair or no hair at all. Brush out their dead hair. Give them a bath only when it becomes necessary.

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