Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Affectionate Norwich Terriers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Norwich Terriers were created in East Anglia, England.; The Norfolk Terriers and the Norwich Terriers were known to be the same breed but they did have different types of ears. They were both known as Norwich Terriers. The English acknowledged them as two separate breeds in 1964. In 1979, The American Kennel Club also recognized them as two separate breeds. The Norwich Terriers had perked up ears and the Norfolk Terriers had dropping kind of ears. Norfolk Terriers were shaped in an angular manner, while Norwich Terriers were more rounded in shape.. Norwich Terriers were primarily used as barnyard ratters. They were also known to hunt down foxes that had gone underneath the ground . Norwich Terriers are small in size and this allowed them to get in and out of foxes dens without any trouble. When the foxes were removed from their dens, the hunters who were riding on their horses would chase them using their hounds.

Norwich Terriers are short strong and small dogs. They heads that are a bit rounded and broad. They have a sizeable amount of space between the ears. These dogs have nuzzles that shaped like wedges with definite stops. Norwich Terriers have oval shaped eyes that are colored dark. Their medium sized ears are seen to be standing straight. These dogs have straight legs and they have rounded feet. Their toenails are colored black. Norwich Terriers have medium sized tails that are set high, evenly leveled with their toplines. Their tails are docked in a half manner. These dogs have wiry straight coats that are about one and one half to two inches in length. Their coat colors are red, wheaten, black and tan. They also have grizzled colors. They sometimes have white markings.

Norwich Terriers are one of the smallest working terriers. Norwich Terriers have impressive personalities. They are hardy, courageous, cheerful, active, agrreeable, affectionate, self confident, faithful and easy to teach, They do not show any kind of aggression or nervousness. Owners must train them while they are young and they must be socialized with their families at their early ages. Because these dogs have these ratting instincts, they would love to play tossing games. Toss them balls, sticks or bones and they will chase them. These dogs are very good with children. They love adventure and excitement. Norwich Terriers love to entertain and delight everyone in it's pack. Do not leave these dogs alone without anything to do. They need to go out for long walks with their owners. Doing these will help them release their packed in energy. Make sure that they heel by your sides or at your backs. Doing this will remind them that their owners are their pack leaders.

Norwich Terriers will reach heights of 10 to 12 inches and they must weigh at least 10 – 12 pounds.

Norwich Terriers are prone to back problems, genetic eye diseases, minor heart abnormalities and breathing problems.
Otherwise, these dogs are generally healthy.

Norwich Terriers will do alright living in apartments. This is as long as they get the exercises they need. These dogs are fairly active indoors.. They will be fine even without a yard.

Norwich Terriers will live for about 12 – 15 years.

Norwich Terriers have rough, medium – length, water proof coats that can be easily cared for. Owners need to comb and brush their coats daily. A bit of clipping is a must. Be extra careful when these dogs are shedding. Give them baths only when it becomes a necessity. These dogs are known to be light shedders.

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