Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Sweet and Loving Flat Coated Retrievers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Flat Coated Retrievers were developed in England in the middle 1800's for the purpose of retrieving birds that have been shot down by hunters. They were known to retrieve these birds in bushy areas and in water. These dogs were developed by crossing many retriever dogs like the following: Labradors, Newfoundlands, Irish Setters and the extinct St. John's Water Dogs. There could have been a bit of Collie bloodlines that was interbred with these dogs. The Flat Coated Retrievers became very famous with sporting hunters until the beginning of World War 1.

These medium sized dogs have nice and  well proportioned bodies. Their bodies look so simple and without exaggeration. Their skull and muzzles seemed to be formed as one piece. Their not like other dogs that have stops and lengths between their muzzles and their skulls. Flat Coated Retrievers have small ears. Their small ears are near the heads of these dogs. They have necks that are a bit long and sturdy. It leads to an even topline and tho their deep chests. They have wired muscled legs that makes them run faster. This means that they can cover a  lot of ground with one stride. They have fully feathered legs, chests and tails. Their medium length coats are thick and fine. The color of thei coats are solid black or yellowish light brown.

Flat Coated Retrievers are excellent companion dogs. These dogs are happy and delightful dogs to have. These dogs love going out These dogs are very affectionate pets.These dogs have a lot of energy packed in them. If they are always kept in the house, they can become lazy. These dogs are forbearing nd they act so calmly when they are with children. These dogs will run and play with children. Children can play fetch the ball with them. They need to feel that they are part of the family. These dogs are highly trainable and obedient. If the training is repetitive they can become bored. These dogs can be more deliberate than other retrieving dogs. These dogs can become so sensitive to vocal tones. Do not use harsh training methods when training these dogs. Give positive methods of training and they will respond very well. Bring these dogs for long walks or jog with them. Just make sure when you walk with these dogs, they must walk beside you or at your backs. This will show them that their owners are the pack leaders.

These dogs are very happy roaming around in homes that have yards. They are not suited for apartment living. They will perform well during agility, tracking and retrieving competitions.

Flat Coated Retrievers will have heights of 22 – 23 inches and will weigh as much as 60 – 70 pounds.

These dogs are proned to cancer, coronary heart disease, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and not so common diabetes.
Their life expectancy is 10 years..

The Flat Coated Retrievers coats needs to be brushed every week and their coats need to be trimmed a bit. These dogs are average shedders.

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