Monday, April 7, 2014

The Strong Black Russian Terriers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

During the 1940's the Black Russian Terriers were created by the Soviets. They used qualified canines which were taken from occupied countries. They used mainly German breeds and bred them with their own Red Star Kennels. The best of their imported dogs were the Giant Schnautzers. They acquired a Giant Schnautzer whose name was Roy.This Giant Schnautzer was born in 1947.He was extensively bred with the Airedale terrier, Rottweiler and Moscow Water Dog crosses. They were all black and were distinguished from the others as the Black Terrier Group. The best were crossbred between themselves. The second and third generation dogs made their appearances to the public. The project continued and the first family breeding scenario continued. They wanted a dog breed that had ability and versatility. Care was one of the factors that was taken into consideration for conformation purposes. These dogs were so useful for detecting explosives, transporting supplies, guarding duties and looking for wounded soldiers. The Russian Black Terriers were used in Afghanistan and Bosnia.

The Black Russian Terriers are built with strong bodies. It is a dependable guard and military dog. They have large bones and are well muscled dogs. The heads and necks of these dogs are strong. They have weatherproof coats that can resist the absorption of water, while their undercoats protects them from the cold weather. Their coats could be as long as 1.5 inches – 4 inches. Those with longer coats will not be good for the dog's working abilities. Remember that these dogs are working dogs and they must be given consistent training. They respond well to training.They must be given some work to do. If they are not active, they can become bored. They can be quite destructive. Owners must take charge of these dogs and they must show them that they are the pack leaders. These dogs are performers and they are at their best while doing their performances. These dogs will do good in competitions such as agility and obedience competitions.

Black Russian Terriers are calm, brave and self confident. Start training and socializing them at their early ages. They are good with children.and they will guard those children that they are familiar with. They need constant attention and guidance.They might become restrained if you do not mind them.Early socialization is what these dogs need. They need to be exposed to people, sights, sounds and other experiences when they are young. These dogs will be well rounded if they are well socialized. They will also do well with other dogs who live in the same homes.. Bring these dogs for walks but make sure that these dogs heel beside you or at your backs. This is the best way of letting them recognize that the owners are their leaders. Walking them leisurely will get them acquainted with your home surroundings and even with your neighbors.

Black Russian Terriers will reach heights of 25 – 29 years. Females will reach heights of 25 – 28 inches. These dogs will weigh at least 80 – 143 pounds. Male dogs are bigger and more muscular.

Black Russian Terriers are prone to having hip and elbow dysplasia.

These dogs will do alright as long as they are given their daily exercises. They like staying near their owners. Leave them in your yards and they will go from window to window looking for their owners.. They love to be with their owners and family.

Go out with them on long daily walks. These dogs love to play in water and they like rolling over the snow.

These dogs are expected to live for at least 10 – 14 years.

If their coats are soft, then it needs to be stripped a bit. Black Russian Terriers need to be brushed at least once a week. Take out hair that are in their ear ducts and cut the hair under their paws. These dogs shed only a bit, as long as they are brushed weekly.

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