Friday, April 4, 2014

The Protective American Shepherd Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

These American Shepherd Dogs were created mainly in America. They were developed using the blood lines of White German Shepherds. It is the genetic makeup- of the German Shepherd that makes them completely white. Their existence came about because breeders wanted to distinguish them from darker wolves who threatened the livestock of farm owners. In the year 1960 these dogs were firmly established as a breed.

These American White Shepherd Dog have a formidable and magnificent look. Their bodies are a bit longer when they are compared to their heights. They have slim but strong bodies. Their foreheads are a bit wide. American White Shepherd Dogs have long muzzles, pointed ears and and oval shaped shaped eyes. These dogs have a friendly expression on their faces. Their necks do slope down going through their muscular shoulders down to their legs. Their rear legs are solidly built and their are a bit bushy.

American White Shepherd Dogs have the natural instincts to protect their owners and family members. They like  to play and work. Socialize them when they are young with family members. Give them obedience training so that they know what they can and cannot do.. These dogs will do fine with other pets in your homes. These dogs are aloof and wary of other people they do not know. They are good with children. They are known to herd children. Doing this means keeping them safe. They will bark if they feel someone is threatening the children. These dogs are known to have sharp instincts and prolific minds. Give them lots of activities and exercises so that they will remain to be happy Tracking, obedience and agility games will make them much more happier. Be sure to give these dogs long daily walks because they do have a lot of energy. Make them walk by your side or at your backs. This will show them that their owners are their pack leaders..

These dogs will do fine living in apartments, as long as they get the proper exercises they need daily. They are not active indoors. They need a well fenced large yard to roam around.

Some common health issues are hip dysplasia., joint problems and eye sicknesses. They are also prone to bloat issues . Owners must feed them in small portions.

American Shepherds will have heights of 22 – 26 inches and will weigh as much as 77 – 85 pounds.

They are expected top live for about 12 years.

These dogs need to be brushed daily or else you may see hair scattered around your homes. They do shed bits of hair continuously. They are heavy shedders. Give them a bath when it becomes a necessity. Always check their ears and trim their claws on a regular basis.

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