Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Outgoing and Friendly Harriers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Harrier dogs name was derived from the Norman word Harier. It meant that this breed could have been a hound. It's difficult to identify the backgrounds of these dogs. They might have been scenthounds that were seen in the early 13th century in England. Others say that these dogs were descendants of St. Hubert and Talbot hounds, the French Basset or the Brachet. Being a scent dog, The Harrier dogs tracked down their prey by using their powerful smell and their owners did follow their dogs so easily on foot. These dogs were not only used by the rich but also poor hunters made use of these dogs. Hunters linked their dogs and they did make a good pack. It could have been possible that English Foxhounds were bred with the Harriers dogs early in the early 19th century. This could have produced dogs that were faster and longer legged dogs .

The Harrier dogs looks like the English Foxhounds but they are smaller in size. Their heads are commensurate to the other parts of their bodies. These dogs have moderate stops.Their muzzles are as long as their skulls. Harrier dogs have black noses and their nostrils are wide open. Their teeth are joined together in level scissor like bites. Their expanded ears are averagely sized.The color of their ears are either brown or reddish brown. The ears of these dogs are lowly set and their ears can be seen hanging down beside their cheeks. The ears are rounded at the ends. The topline of their backs are flat. They have legs that are long and rounded like the feet of cats.. They have long tails that are set high. Harriers have short coats, that are fine and shiny. Their coats can be of any color. It is mostly tricolored. lemon and white, red and white or white and tan.

The Harrier dogs are happy, outgoing, cool tempered and very good with children. These dogs will do good with other pet dogs. With other non – canine pets, they may not behave well with them. If they were raised with these other pets when they were puppies, then they can have a good relationship with them. These dogs like to be a part of their owner's family. Harriers are very active dogs. They like to sniff, explore and go trailing around. When going out for long walks with these dogs, owners must put them on a leash. Let them run around in yards that are properly fenced. Harriers are known for their chasing abilities. Owners must be their pack leaders. These dogs must heel by their sides or backs when owners are going on long walks with them. Give them exercises every day. If these dogs are not exercised, they can be destructive. Owners must be calm but show that they are firmly in control. Treat these dogs with care and give them activities to do. If owners do these things, their Harrier dogs will be be contented and feel satisfied.

Harriers will reach heights of 19 – 21 inches and they will weigh 40 – 60 pounds.

Harriers are healthy dogs but they could acquire sicknesses like hip dysplasia and epilepsy.

Harriers are not meant to live in apartments. For these dogs to live in apartments, their owners must have an active lifestyle. They must bring their dogs out every day and jog with them. Go hiking and hunting with these dogs. Harriers are not so active indoors, they will like to roam around large yards.

Harriers are expected to live for about 10 – 12 years.

Harriers have short hair and they can be easily groomed. Every now and then, brush out their dead hair. These dogs are known to be medium shedders.

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