Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Intelligent Eurasiers

 By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Eurasiers wee createt to be calm family and guard dogs. A German breeder created these dogs by breeding chow chows with wolf spitzes. .A Samoyed male was included into it's bloodlines. They were first known as Wolf Chows. When these dogs were recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale in 1973, they were give the name Eurasier. This was done because they wanted to let this dopg breed symbolize their heritage, which are both European and Asian.

These dogs became famous in Germany and Switzerland. They are not known so well in the U.S.A. These dogs were recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1996 nunder the name Eurasian.

The Eurasiers are well adjusted and well built Spitz types of dog. They do come in different kinds of color: light yellowish brown, wolf like gray, red, firm black, black and brown. The Eurasiers have thick undercoats. They also possess loosely lying hair all around their bodies. These dogs also have short coats on their muzzles, faces, ears and legs., Their tails and their hind legs are covered with long hair. The coats on their necks must be a bit longer than their coats on their bodies. Their tongues may have marks of pink, blue-black or marked tongues.

The Eurasiers are intelligent, confident and gentle. These dogs like to feel wanted by the owner's family. They also would act in a way that is pleasing to their owners and family members. These dogs are alert and watchful guard dogs. They are cold to strangers but they are usually not aggressive towards them. These dogs like to go to places. Owners can bring them around but these dogs are not affectionate to people they do not know. The Eurasiers will do fine with children around your homes. They will get along with other pets especially if they were raised up with them. Owners must give them their daily exercise and it is a must for these dogs to go on long walks. Make sure that they heel by your sides or at your backs. Doing this will show them that their owners are the leaders. These dogs at six weeks can be socialized with the owner's family and taught what to do and what not to do. Owners must remember that these are highly intelligent dogs.

The Eurasiers will do well living in apartments. They must be allowed to do their exercises. Make them run around in well fenced medium yards..

These dogs are prone to health issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation., autoimmune thyroditis and eye problems.

 Male Eurasiers will reach heights of 20 – 24 inches and will weigh 50 – 70 pounds. Female Eurasiers will reach heights of 16 – 18 inches and will weigh as much as 40 – 60 pounds.

Eurasiers will live for about 11 – 13 years.

Eurasiers do not require a lot of grooming. Brush their hair once or twice a week. Check their eyes occasionally for any type of discharge. If there are any discharges, then owners must clean it up. Give them a bath only when it becomes a necessity.

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