Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Friendly Finnish Hounds

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Finnish Hound dogs came into existence by breeding French, German and Swedish hounds. These breedings were done during the 1800's. They became famous as working breeds. These dogs are quite famous in Finland, Sweden and Russia. They are hard to find im other countries.Finnish breeders kept their hounds pure. These dogs were never seen in dog shows. These dog hounds were perfectly suited for doing work in their homeland. This is why they replaced the other scented breeds in their country.

The Finnish Hounds are tri - colored, medium sized and short coated hounds. They are sturdily built but they are not heavy.Males and females will show their own characteristics that are distinct from each other. Their bodies are longer in length when they are compared to their heights.. They have long and wide chests. Their backs are medium in length,straight and muscular. The highest part of their rumps are calmly sloping. The Finnish Hounds have loins that are short and powerful. They have double coats that are medium in length, straight and thick.

The Finnish Hounds are friendly dogs, cool mannered and they are not aggressive. These dogs are very energetic especially when they are hunting. They like to hunt down hares and foxes. They can hunt their prey even in the most difficult circumstances.These dogs like to work independently, The Finnish Hounds are dexterous trackers. They will go after their prey by constantly barking. Owners must be their pack leaders. Doing this will prevent them from having behavioral problems.. Always act confident when you are with them. Owners must communicate with them. Give them constant attention and play with them.

The Finnish Hounds will reach heights of 20 – 24 pounds and will weigh between 45 – 55 pounds

The Finnish Hounds do not have complicated health issues. One major concern of these dogs is cerebral ataxia This happens because of brain lesions. It can cause many interconnected problems because the dogs cannot coordinate it's balance, gait, eye movements and other extremities.

Finnish Hounds are not meant to live in apartments. It will do best in medium sized yards.

Since these dogs have a lot of energy, their owners must bring them for long walks. Always make sure that your dogs must stay by your sides or at your backs. This will show them that their owners are the pack leaders. Give them the opportunity to run and it must be done in places that are safe.

Their short haired coat must be kept in the best condition. Use a firm bristle brush when you brush these dogs. Use mild soap when you give them a bath. Do it only when it is necessary. Their nails must be properly trimmed. They are known to be medium shedders.

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