Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Fearless Ainu Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Ainu Dogs are known to be one of the oldest \breeds of dogs in the dogs in the world now.. These dogs were were bred by the Ainu tribe who settled in hokkaido. E known to hunt deer, salmon and bears. They were hun ters that could survivr the extremely cold weather. Their descendants are medium sized dogs that thyat were br caninesought in by migrants about 3,000 yearsa ago.. Despite it's closeness to the Ainu people, they are called Hokkaido – Ken by the Japanese people. Their characters have changed over the years and this is  because of cross – breeding.

The Ainu Dogs are medium sized and they  have a lot strength and power packed in them. Their double coats will keep these dogs warm during the cold season. The3y are known to have light colors. Their common colors are white, gray and light yellowish brown. They look fearsome and this is because of their small dark brown eyes, thei wide headpointed muzzles, whivh includes a black nose. Thes dogs have small ears that are pointed sharply. With this feature, it makes them look more alert. Their tongues are mostly covered with black spots. This might mean that hey could be related to the chow chow.

The Ainu Dogs are good guard dogs because they are so strong. They are suspicious of people they do not know. They are very brave and faithful dogs. Give them obedience training when they are young. Socialize them with your family. They will not do good with little children and other animals that live in the same premises. These dogs have an ingarained sense of directiuon. This allows these kinds of dogs to return to their owners even if they are so far away. The Ainu dogs are known for their howling. They do make sounds like wolves when it has done it's job well.. They are active dogs and apartment living is not meant for them. They need to go for long walks every day with their owners./ These dogs must be able to run around in medium sized yards that are properly fenced. These are active dogs and they must not be kept bored. Giving them men tal and physuical exercises will make them better behaved dogs.

Thyey do have commkon dog health issue since they have been cross bred and they can inherit these problems.

The Females will give birth to at least 7 puppies.

They are expected to live for 14 years

The Ainu dogs will have heights of 18 – 22 inches and they can weigh 45 – 65 mpounds.

Their rough double coats should be brushed regularly

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