Friday, April 25, 2014

The Faithful and Protective Hungarian Pulis

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The ancestors of these Hungarian Pulis came from Western Asia. These dogs were known to be hardworking dogs. These dogs were constant companions of Nomadic tribesmen who brought them to Eastern Europe.Hungarian Pulis were almost considered extinct after world war 2. Breeders came up with a breeding program that will ensure these dogs would grow in numbers. These dogs were extensively used by Hungarian shepherds as working dogs. These dogs were used as sheep dogs. They were very good at herding the flock. The Hungarian Pulis were very nimble dogs.

Hungarian Pulis are are medium sized dogs. They are solidly built dogs and they are known for their square like looking bodies. Hungarian Pulis are known for their coats that resemble cords. These dogs have well defined boned bodies and these dogs are moderately muscular. Hungarian Pulis have rounded heads that are commensurate to their bodies. If you look at these dogs from the side, their heads would be shaped like eggs. The tails of these dogs curl up moderately over their backs.. The eyes of these dogs are shaped like almonds and their etes are colored dark brown. Hungarian Pulis have fairly sized pigmented black ears. When these dogs become adults, their coats will touch the ground. The coats of these dogs are colored gray, black and some of them are exceptionally colored white.

Hungarian Pulis are peppy, spirited, adorable and trustworthy dogs. They adapt easily to the surroundings where they live in. These dogs are wonderful and they will be good family pets. Owners must be their pack leaders. They should show that they are in control. If the owners are not strong willed, these dogs can be hard to deal with. They will use their own mind and way of thinking. Give these dogs obedience training and socialize them at their early age. Doing these things will make them well rounded dogs. They will know what they can and cannot do. These dogs might not do well with smaller children. Never tease or be rough with these dogs. All members of the family must become their pack leaders. Always connect and communicate with these dogs. They must be given daily exercises and long walks. These things must be done because these dogs have a high energy level.

Hungarian male Pulis will have heights of 16 – 17 ½ inches and females will reach heights of 14 ½ - 16 inches. The males will weigh as much as 25 – 35 pounds while the females will weigh at least 20 – 30 pounds.

Hungarian Pulis can acquire health issues such as hip dysplasia and owners must see to it that they are not suffering from any eye problems.

Hungarian Pulis can live in apartments, homes and even farms. They function quite well in hot and cold weathers. They are moderately active indoors. These dogs must be allowed to roam around in yards that are properly fenced.

When these dogs are young, owners must make sure that their cord like hair don' t get to be entangled.. As the dogs get older, their cord like coats will grow in layers and it will become even. Hungarian Pulis have thick top coats that protects their undercoats. It will take at the most five years for their coats to become fully developed. When their coats are fully developed,  it will take some time to groom their coats. The older dogs will take at least two hours to groom every week. Owners must set the knots apart from each other. They have skin that are quite sensitive. Their coats must be washed every six weeks or two months. It can be quite hard to let the soap sip in to their cords. Make sure that every inch of soap must be removed from their bodies. If there is a bit of soap left, this could cause skin irritations Owners must clip a bit of their coats are around their eyes and their back legs.

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