Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Faithful Australian Bulldogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Australian Bulldogs are the results of two breeding programs ( N&T Green and Pip Nobes ). Noel and Tina Green met with Pip Nobes. Noel and Tina green were selling pig hunting dogs. Pip Nobes owned British Bulldogs and did some cross breeding with her husband's pig dogs but they produced dogs that had health problems. The original dogs used to create the Australian Bulldogs was a mixture of pig dogs, boxer/ bulldog owned by Pip Nobes and two pig dogs owned by Noel Green.. Althoug it was the australian couple Noel and Tina Green who gave them their names. It was Pip Nobes who came out with the first breed records in 1997. In the registry, it was mentioned that the breed came from the Green and Nobes lines. Afterwards, they split into two registries because Noel Green wanted to include the bloodlines of American Bulldogs. Into the breed. He sold his Aussie Bulldogs to Joe Cauchi, a well known breeder of American Bulldogs. In the year 2003, Noel Green started breeding again Aussie Bulldogs and these records were kept by the U.A.B.A.( United Australian Bulldog Association ).

The Australian Bulldogs are stocky and medium sized. They have large skulls that are proportionate to their bodies. Their muzzles are long and wide but it does not cause any interference when they breathe. They must have at least one or two wrinkles on their muzzles. They must possess level or their bites can be extended just a bit.They have eyes that are set a bit low and they can be of any color. Their ears are small and they can be rosebud or buttoned. Their necks are long and deep. They have slightly longer necks than the British Bulldogs. These features give them unimpaired breathing. They do possess short backs that are straight. The front legs of these dogs are set wide apart and it is still below the body. Their front legs are straight. Australian Bulldogs have rear parts that possess a lot of muscles that are all packed in. They have tails that are set high and thick at the the bottom. Short tails are also aceptable.They have short but smooth coat. The color of their coats are brindle, white, pied, red and light yellowish brown.

The Australian Bulldogs are loyal and cool companions. These dogs are easygioing, intelligent and alert. They need the human companionship and they like to be treated as part of the family. Owners must train and socialize these dogs with their family. Be sure to do it when these dogs are still young. They need to go on having daily activities so that they will not be bored. Bring them out for daily.walks. Make sure that they are leashed . Let them walk by your sides or at your backs. This will show them that owners are the pack leaders. Give them obedience training when they are young. This will tell them what they can and cannot do.. Although these dogs are loving and friendly, they are not considered as guard dogs.

These dogs do not have much health problems. It does not mean that they do not get sick. Owners must be aware of the way their dogs act.

Australian Bulldogs will have heights of 18 – 20 inches and will weigh 60 – 78 pounds. Females will reach heights ofm 17 – 19 inches and will weigh 50 – 61 pounds.

These dogs are not recommensded for apartment living. Australian Bulldogs are indoor dogs and they must never be left outside all day long. They will be at their best when the weather is moderate.. In the cold weather, they do chill easily.

Australian Bulldogs will live for as much as 10 – 12 years.. Give them a bath only when it becomes a necessity.Use a wet cloth to clean the inside part of their wrinkles every day.. They are considered to be medium shedders. They are rather easy to groom. Use a firm bristle to comb their hair

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