Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Ever Playful Dalmatians

 By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The origin of the Dalmatian breed is a mystery.. These dogs are one of the most exceptional patterned breeds. There have been paintings of dogs that are quite similar to these dogs. These paintings have been found centuries ago. There is a painting of this dog breed that resembles this breed and it was being kept in a Spanish chapel known as Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy. Some breeders think that these dogs may have been products of breeding pointers and spotted great danes. The Dalmatians got their names from a region in Croatia known as Dalmatia. There is no real known functions of these dogs. It has been treated a s a shepherd dog, war dog, a retriever, a trailer, a tratter, bird dog and a circus dog. In the Victorian era of England, these dogs, they were known as coach dogs. These dogs protected the horses from scavenging dogs.

Dalmatians are big, sturdy and muscular dogs. The length and width of it's skulls are alike. The top of their heads are leveled.. They possess muzzles that hare as long as the tops of their skulls. Their stops are clearly stated and reasonable. The color of their noses are black, brown dark gray or blue. Their teeth are enjoined in scissor like bites. They have moderately round eyes that are color blue, brown or a mix of both. These dogs have high setting ears that hang downward. It becomes smaller and the tips of their ears are rounded. Their feet are rounded and they do have curved toes. Their toenails are white or black in black marked dogs and brown or white in liver marked dogs. These dogs have fine looking thick hair.Their well proportioned coats are prominently white and they do have well defined round spots. The marked spots can be black or brown and these colors are preferred for dog shows. The marked spots can also be the colors of brindle, lemon, dark blue, tricolored, firmly white or murky black.

Dalmatians that are well bred are faithful and affectionate companions. They surely would like to please their owners. These dogs are great watchdogs.Dalmatians will alert their owners if they feel something is not going right. Dogs of this breed are strong, active and noisy. Expect the young puppies to dig holes in your yard and chew your plants. For this reason, owners must give their dogs obedience training at their young ages. They need to be disciplined. Doing this will tell them want the y can and cannot do. They will surely like their obedience training. These dogs will perform excellently in agility competitions. These dogs are outgoing and they will enjoy trips with the family. Owners must go on long walks with these dogs. Dalmatians must heel by their owner's sides or at their backs. Doing this will tell them that their owners are their pack leaders. These dogs are not accustomed staying in apartments. They will become lazy. Dalmatians need to roam around yards that are properly fenced.

Dalmatians must be BAER Tested ( Brain Auditory Evoked Response ) at 6 weeks old. If they are found to be deaf, then they must be neutralized. They could develop uric acid and urinary stones. These dogs can acquire skin allergies.

Male Dalmatians will reach heights of 22 – 24 inches. Females will attain heights of 20 – 22 inches. These dogs will weigh about 55 pounds.

Dalmatians will live for about 10 – 12 years.

Dalmatians will keep on shedding. It will shed a lot twice a year.. Brush them constantly to avoid too much shedding. They are clean dogs. Give them a bath only when it is necessary.

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