Friday, April 18, 2014

The Active and Playful Finnish Spitz Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Finnish Spitz dogs were first known as Suomenpystrykorva. It means the Finnish Cock Eared dogs and Finnish Barking dogs. Over 2000 years ago they were brought from Central Russia to a place what is now known as Finland. They are considered the national dogs of Finland. These dogs are used to hunt . When they would find their prey, they would make yodel sounds and ringing sounds. This is how their owners know that they had found their prey. The heads of these dogs were pointed to the the location of the animals.

The Finnish Spitz dogs resembles the looks of foxes. Their bodies are square like and muscular. These dogs have leveled heads between their ears and their foreheads are a bit rounded. These dogs have shallow muzzles with well defined stops and it gets wider at the end wherein it is attached to their skulls. It starts to get smaller when it reaches the point of connection. The color of their noses and lips are black. Their teeth are joined in scissor like bites. Their dark colored eyes are shaped like almonds and they do have black rims. Finnish Spitz dogs have high set ears. It stands straight and openly towards the front of the dogs.They have toplines that are flat. Their chests are deep and it goes all the way to their elbows. Their feathered tails curves up over their backs.and goes down towards their sides. Their tails have a lot of hair. Dewclaws can be taken out. These dogs have rounded feet just like cats. Finnish Spitz Dogs have double coats that are short, soft, thick.undercoats and their outer coats are rough looking. They do have a variety of coat colors:golden red, reddish brown, yellowish red and honey.

The Finnish Spitz dogs are active friendly and playful.. Because these dogs are always alert, it makes them excellent watchdogs. They are known to protect their family members. They are weary of strangers. They are known not to be shy or aggressive. They love being with children. These dogs will be fine living with other pets. They will do better if they have been raised with them. These dogs mature at the age of 3 or 4 years old. Finnish Spitz dogs must be socialized at an early age. Expose them to people, sights, sounds and other experiences when they are young. Doing this will make your dogs well rounded. Give them obedience training when they are young. They must know what they can and cannot do. These dogs must know that their owners are their pack leaders. Go out with them on long daily walks. Make sure that they are properly leashed. While walking, they must heel on your sides or at your backs. This way, they will know that their owners are their leaders. Always give them things to do because if not they can act in destructive ways. Be their leaders and not their followers.

Finnish Spitz dogs will reach heights of 15 – 20 inches and they will weigh 31 – 35 pounds

Finnish Spitz dogs are generally healthy but they can also acquire hip dysplasia, patellar luxation and epilepsy.

Finnish Spitz dogs will do fine living in apartment.s This is as long as they are given the right exercises. They are inactive indoors and they prefer climates that are cool.

Finnish Spitz dogs will live for about 12 – 15 years.

Like most arctic dogs, Finnish Spitz dogs have self cleaning coats. Comb their hair regularly in order to remove dead hair. Their coats do not have the usual dog odor. These dogs are heavy shedders and they do shed seasonally.

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