Saturday, April 26, 2014

Intelligent Irish Water Spaniels

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Irish Water Spaniels were created by Justin McCarthy. These dogs were spotted in his kennel in Ireland. He never mentioned from what breed of dogs these Irish Water Spaniels came from. The Irish Water Spaniels Came from. Breeders have speculated that they were products of crossbreeding poodles and Portugese Water Dogs. These dogs were seen in the year 1834.There are two kinds of Irish Water Spaniels, One of these kind possesses a curly coat. The first type of these dogs were show dogs. The other kind is known for field activities. To this date, these dogs are well known as show dogs and for their working capabilities.

The Irish Water Spaniels are the biggest of it's kind. The heads of these dogs are long, squared and huge. Their muzzles are deep and they have moderate stops..Their noses are dark yellowish brown. Their teeth are joined together in even bites. These dogs have little brown eyes that resemble the shape of almonds. .Irish Water Spaniels have long ears that are set low. Their ears are seen hanging near their heads and are enclosed with loose curls. They are deep chested but their chests are rather slender. The front legs of these dogs are straight while their rear parts are a bit higher than their shoulders. Their coats are long and enclosed with long loose curls. The curly outer coats of these dogs have thick undercoats. It acts like a shield in the event of cold weather. Irish Water Spaniels have knots of curls on top of their heads.

Irish Water Spaniels are intelligent, faithful, and highly spirited dogs. These dogs are confident and they are willing to satiisfy the wants of their owners. They are quite adept at learning new things. They are adorable and loving dogs for any family. These dogs must be given mental and physical exercises. This is the only way to keep these dogs from doing things that owners will not like. Owners must show that they are the pack leaders. This is the best way for owners to show that they are the boss..Socialize these dogs with the whole family when they are young. Doing this will make them closer to the family. Teach your young children to be pack leaders. These are normally quiet dogs. They only bark when it becomes a necessity. They will do so, only to warn families if there are strangers within their area. Some of them could be good guard dogs. These dogs are excellent swimmers and they are packed with a lot of stamina. They have an exceptional sense of smell. .These dogs love to communicate with their owners.
Irish Water Spaniels will reach heights of 20 – 23 inches.and they will weigh as much as 45 – 65 pounds.

Irish Water Spaniels are susceptible to health issues like: hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, eye entropion and ear infections.

Irish Water Spaniels will be at their best living in the countryside or in homes that have big yards. These dogs need space to roam around. If you have yards, make sure that it is properly fenced.

Irish Water Spaniels need to go out with their owners for long daily walks. Make sure that they are properly leashed. These dogs are known for their hunting capabilities. When walking, these dogs, they must heel at your sides or at your backs. This is the only way to remind them that their owners are their pack leaders. These dogs like to do retrieving and they love to dip themselves in a pool of water..

Irish Water Spaniels will live for about 10 – 12 years..

Irish Water Spaniels must have their coats cut a bit shorter on a regular basis. Comb their hair weekly. This will be useful in removing mats that can cause allergies.These dogs only shed a bit.

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