Friday, March 28, 2014

Why Your Dogs Need Obedience Training

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez
Obedience training is  the type of training that must be given to all pet dogs. It is not the solution for all the problems. This becomes the basis for solving a lot of problems. Obedience training will help you to relate and communicate with your dogs. There is a need for all dog owners to adequately disseminate information to their dogs effectively. Your dogs will learn what they can and cannot do They will learn not to rush out the door, not to bite on your rugs or furniture, where they should do their number 1 and number 2 ( they can be toilet trained ). not to jump on chairs and they can learn other things..

Remember dogs can be sociable Giving them obedience training will assure owners that they can become good companions. If you do not give them obedience training, they can be destructive, they will keep on barking and they can bite any member of your family. If you have yards, one day you will be shocked to find out how many holes you have. You do not want your dogs to throw out their doggy waste on you sofas These are canine reactions that must be properly addressed. Obedience training is teaching your dogs how to change their direction of doing things. This is done so that they can adapt themselves to home settings.

Obedience training will tell your dogs that they are not the boss. This will tell them that their masters rank number one when it comes to hierarchy.It will remind them that they are followers and not masters. They will follow your orders, give you their due respect and admiration. It teaches them to be submissive to their owners.. They will shake your hands or start licking it. They like doing these things and this is one way for them to acknowledge that they are subordinates and owners are the leaders. When you do this type of training, owners must have a wonderful time with their dogs. Doing this will strengthen your relationships with your dogs. Your dogs will build their confidence. Trained dogs can be allowed more independence. When you call them they will respond to your call.

If you have not given your dogs obedience training yet, you must do so.  Others say that older dogs are harder to train and this has led to many discussions. Old or young, they can be given obedience training.  Old dogs can learn new tricks. The question any owner must answer is whether they like their dogs to change or not. By changing their ways, these dogs will become obedient and very loyal to their owners. This is the goal that every owner must keep in mind. It is better to have a well behaved pet dog then one that can be disturbing and destructive.

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