Monday, March 31, 2014

The Intelligent and Faithful Bracco Italianos

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

In the 17th century Italian hunters created these dogs by crossing mastiff kind of dogs with egyptian kind of hounds. They were used to bring out the prey and drive them to the nets of the hunters. They were respected for their abilities as working gun dogs. When hunters started to use guns, their jobs changed. The Braco Italianos were used to hunt, point and retrieve animals. These breed of dogs have gained respect for being gundogs and trial specialists These dogs made their first appearanve in the United Kinggdom in 1969.

The Bracco Itlianos are big dogs and their faces resemble a combination of bloodhounds and bassets. A lot of dog enthusiasts say that they have the looks of pointer and bloodhound dogs. These dogs are deep chested and well muscled dogs. This means that these are powerful dogs that are meant to do a lot of work. Their tails are docked because these are working dogs. .Bracco Italianos have drooping lips and their ears are long. These features make them look like wise dogs. They have square like heads. Their coats are thick and they do have colors that that are white and orange. These dogs are known to move in a refined manner. These dogs run as though they are leaping, similarly like a horse. The gallop changes and they slowly start to creep. After creeping, they stop when they have located their target.

The Bracco Italianos are courageous and yet act so gentle. As long as they are socialized at an early age they will do well as family dogs. These dogs love the company of children. They can live in harmony with other and pets. Remember that these are hunting dogs and owners must teach them what they can do and cannot do. They have a mind of their own. Owners must give them obedience training. Through this training they will know what you want from them. These dogs are so intelligent and they are at their best when they deing something. Disciplinary training should be given only when it is needed. These dogs are not forceful but they will growl only if there are reasons to do so.

Bracco Italianos are large dogs. are prone to have musculo – skeletal and joint problems. Do not give them too much exercises during their first year of existence. Go out only for short walks. This is just right for the dogs to socialize with their owners.. Owners must get them used being on a leash. These dogs must not jump, climb stairs or go running across the field. This must be done when the dogs are strong enough. Ten percent of the puppies are born with bendy legs. The front legs bow slightly.  It self corrects as they grow older. It is best for the puppies to have minimal exercises.during their first year of existence. These dogs can also have.hip dysplasia and elbow dysplaia. Ear cleaning is a necessity for dogs that have drooping ears. This is to make sure that their ears do not get infected.. They are also susceptive to allergies. They must be treated for this kind of infection.
These dogs will not do well in apartments. They need to roam around in well fenced medium sized yards.

These dogs will reach heights of 22 – 26.5 inches. They will weigh as much as 55 – 90 pounds.

Bracco Italianos will have a life span of 12 – 13 years.

The coats of these dogs are smooth and short. Dead or loose hair can be removed using a grooming brush. Do this once or twice a week.. These dogs are light shedders. Give them a bath only when it is necessary.

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