Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Wolf like Czechoslovakian Wolf Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez
The Czechoslovakian Wolf Dogs are also called Slovak Wolf Dogs. This kind of breed was created in 1958. This is a very new breed and it was the product of experimental breeding of german shepherds and a carpathian wolf. This was done so that these dogs will have genetic genes of wolves and dogs. This way, they can build a healthier type of dog. This dog breed was given due recognition in the year 1982. They were used as military packed dogs. They were so popularly known for this kind of work.. Now they are quite famous for being good companions and guard dogs.

The Czechoslovakian Wolf Dogs have a wolf like appearance. They have legs that are long. Their bodies are well developed so that they could run so fast, These dogs are very resilient. They have straight looking bodies. Their coats are thick but unrefined. The color of their coats are silver gray or yellow gray. Their masks are color white. These dogs have palish yellow eyes. They are flat chested and their ears stand in an upright motion like wolves. Their waists are adequately shaped.. These dogs have have tails that are set up high. They can run fast and yet they do it so gracefully.

These breed of dogs have the instincts of wolves, since they are part wolves. These dogs can be loving companions. The do not exhibit any kind of fear for humans. They do connect well with their owners and families. These dogs must be socialized with their owners and families during their early years. These dogs are calm, loyal, splendid, fearless and noble dogs. They must be given apppropriate exercises. Dogs of this kind must g
o on long walks with their owners. Make sure that they are properly leashed..

Owners must show these dogs that they are the pack leaders. These dogs must walk by their owner's side or at their backs. These dogs will become destructive if owners do not give their dogs regular exercises to do.. Owners will notice that these dogs are becoming moody when they start .moving back and forth when they are in the house. These dogs are extremely quick. Owners must be aware of this. Always be watchful of your dogs because of their capabilities to catch any prey. Unless they are provoked, they will not surge and attack. Get to know the body language of these dogs because their movements will tell you what they are planning to do. Because of their wolf like traits, they do not like to be cuddled or carried.

These dogs will do alright living in apartments. Owners must make sure that they get the right exercises for the day.

These dogs do not have much health problems. They may be prone to hip- dysplasia.

Wolf Dogs will reach heights of 24 – 26 inches and they will weigh between 44 – 54 pounds.

They will live for at least 12 – 16 years.

Czehoslovakian Wolf Dogs are heavy shedders amd this will happen twice a year.. These dogs do not need to be given a bath. Their coats will eliminate the dirt from their bodies. Use dry shampoo on them once in awhile. These dogs are not smelly and they are clean looking dogs.

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