Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Small But Delightful Chihuahuas

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

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The Chihuahuas are quite old and they are said to be the oldest dogs in North America These dogs are unique and are known to be the smallest dog breed in the world . These dogs were said to be introduced by chinese travelers. Their origin is Mexican. Some nations in the Peninsula considered these dogs as holy. They were treated as pets by people who had higher standards of living. Breeders are not sure where these dogs came from or how they were produced

Chihuahuas can be small dogs but they are strongly built. They have well defined features. The bodies of these dogs are massive and lengthier than their tails. They have sickle shaped liked tails. At times, it does curl over their back or it can go to any off to their sides. A common feature of these dogs is that they have straight limbs. their heads have the shape of apples and and they have short pointed muzzles These dogs have big rounded eyes that are commonly black. Uncommon colors are reddish pink and clear colors. Chihuahuas have triangle shaped ears that are big. Their dewclaws can be removed. They have tender spots in their heads and it normally shuts down when they become much older. Chihuahuas come in two kinds long and short haired. The usual kinds that are easy to find are the short haired chihuahuas. They have different color types of coats: reddish brown, fairly grayish blue, light red, brown with a combination of yellow, light yellowish brown and silver colors.. It is also acceptable for their coats to be tri colored and black.

If owners want a very good companion dog, then owners must purchase these dogs. Dogs of this kind are respectful, keen, brave, and happy dogs. They are known for their adventuristic attitudes. Show these dogs that you love and care for them. If owners do this their dogs will become lively. These dogs are envious. They tend to go with their owners wherever they go. . Chihuahuas are faithful dogs and they do connect well with their owners and families These are stubborn dogs. Owners must be their pack leaders If they don't, then these dogs can act in mischievous ways. Be firm and always act calmly. Rules to follow must be set by the owners. This way the dogs will know only what they should do correctly. Do not tease these dogs or make fun of these dogs. They will snap at anyone who does this even if they are children. These dogs will bite if they feel someone is trying to harm them. Socialize these dogs with other family members at a young age so that they will be a part of the family. This way, they will not display bad behavior. These dogs are hard to train. Owners must remember that these dogs are intelligent and they are fast learners. Do not let these dogs jump They may become so domineering. if they do allow them to do so, they may be so troublesome to deal with. Walk these dogs once a week and they must be given physical and mental exercises. These dogs have instincts to go off, Walking them will be good for them. .Just treat these dogs as other dogs are treated and they will be very good companions for little children.

These dogs will reach heights of 6 – 9 inches .They will weigh 3 – 6 pounds .

Chihuahuas will live for at least 14 – 18 years.

These dogs are prone to rheumatism, slipped stifle, colds and gum problems, corneal dryness and secondary glaucoma. They must not eat chocolates or get their hands on fertilizers. These elements can kill them. Females give birth by caesarean operations. This is because their puppies have large heads. When they are puppies, they are prone to fractures and other kind of accidents. Some Chihuahuas will develop moleras. These are sections of their heads that can remain open during their lifespan. Bcsause of this, they are susceptible to injuries.. They can get stressed out because some owners tend to treat them like babies.. they sneeze and wheeze a lot because of their short and small muzzles.
These dogs are good for apartment living. They like warm weather and they do not like cold weathers. Treat them like other dogs and they must be given space.

Be gentle when brushing their smooth short haired coats. It must be done occasionally. The long coated chihuahuas must be brushed daily using a soft bristle brush. Give them a bath once a month but be sure water does not get into their ears. Look at their ears often. Their nails must always be kept trimmed. Chihuahuas are medium shedders.

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