Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Loyal and Loving Boxers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The ancestors of these Boxers today are the now extinct bullenbaiser breeds crossed with mastiffs bulldogs and most probably great danes. These dogs were created in Germany during the early 19th century. They were used for bull baiting purposes and for controlling cattle that were in the slaughterhouses of butchers. These dogs got their names from the german word “ boxl. “ Others say, that these dogs got their names because they use their forepaws when playing. When doing this, it seems like an imitation of how human boxers by profession would spar. After World War 1 Boxers were brought to the United States. In 1940, it became one of the more famous breeds in America These dogs are working dogs These are one of the first breeds to be used as police dogs. These dogs are very useful as guard dogs and companion dogs.

Boxers have compressed but solidified bodies. Their heads are squarely shaped and are proportionate to their bodies. They have short muzzles that look dull.The muzzles of these dogs have well defined stops. These dogs have big and black widely open nostrils. The jaws have undershots. Their ears are set up high. The ears of the Boxers will fold naturally. Their ears can be cropped or uncropped. If their ears are cropped, it will stand straight. They have docked tails that are carried high. Boxers have compact feet and arched paws Their coats are rather short. Some of these Boxers will have rich light yellowish brown colors and others will have brindle colors. Their faces and masks are usually black. A lot of these dogs have white face markings and white spots on their chests and paws.

Because these dogs have tendencies to be rather dominant due to their high energy level. They can be so demanding and stubborn This is why Boxers must be trained while they are young. If owners do this, their Boxers will be happy and enthusiastic dogs. They must also be given obedience training. They are known to respond quite well to this kind of training. They are just the perfect dogs for owners who love to train dogs. They can even learn crate training quickly. This training is useful when you have visitors in the house especially other children that these dogs are not acquainted with. They will go to an enclosed place while your visitors are in your homes. Boxers are quick to respond to commands and are eager to please their owners.These dogs are smart and will learn things fast. It will be best for owners to socialize them with their families at their early ages. Boxers are meant for owners who have an active lifestyle. These dogs must have a lot of exercise. daily. Owners must bring them for long daily walks. These dogs are full of enthusiasm. They like to play and they will jump on their owners to draw attention. These dogs will not just sit in one corner. They like to be the center of attention. These dogs are funny, They become boisterous and noisy when they are lonely. These dogs are faith ful and affectionate dogs. Don't leave them around with children unless they have been trained to behave properly with them. Owners must be their pack leaders and they must always walk by your sides or at your backs.

Male boxers will reach heights of 22 – 25 inches, Females will reach heights of 21 – 24 inches. Males will weigh at least 60 – 70 pounds. Females will weigh 53 – 65 pounds.

These dogs have can have health problems like: cardiomyopathy, sub – aortic stenosis and thyroid issues. They are prone to skin allergies and other allergies. They are also susceptive to epilepsy and they can acquire tumors that can be cancerous. They can slso develop hip dysplasia, arthritis, back and knee problems. They do drool and snore. They can have flatulence, if they are fed other food than dog food. Some Boxers that have an unusual color of white are prone to deafness.

These dogs will do alright living in apartments as long as they are given their exercises every day. Boxers are fairly active indoors. They must given time to roam around in medium sized yards. These dogs do not do well when the weather is very warm and they do not like being in weathers that are chilly.

Boxers will live for 11 – 14 years

Females can give birth to 2 – 10 puppies.

Boxers have short smooth coats that can be easily groomed with a firm bristle brush. Give them a bath only when it becomes a necessity. Giving them baths regularly will remove their natural oil that is embedded in their skin. They groom themselves by just simply rolling over. These dogs are medium shedders.

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