Friday, March 14, 2014

The “ Lion Looking " Chow Chows

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The origin of the The Chow Chows are not known but they could be related to a breed of dogs called Chinese Star – Pei because they have similar black and blue mouths. They could have originated from China. There are no true facts that tells us that it originated from there. The Chow Chows were used by Chinese to hunt down wolves, old wease like mammals and gallinaceous birds. These dogs were very useful for such jobs as herding, cart and sled pulling, boat guarding and to safeguarding their owner's homes. At that time, their furs were used to make human coats. These breed of dogs were brought to England durin the late 1800's . Their names were probably taken from a form of English language word called “ chow chow.”.

The Chow Chows are big, solid and sturdy dogs. The most transparent features of these dogs are their blue – black tongues and their nearly straight hind legs. This is the reason why these dogs walk in a stiffly manner. Their muzzles are wide and deep. They have large heads and their skulls are rather wide. Their muzzles are wide and deep These dogs have natural long colored hair around their necks. This is what makes them have than lion looking look. Chow Chows have high set tails that are carried over their backs. These dogs have lavish thick furry coats that come in two types, smooth and rough. The standard colors of these dogs are solid red, black, blue, yellowish brown and cream. Their coats can also be colored tan, gray and an exceptional white color.

Chow Chows are well mannered and loyal dogs. They can be cuddly while they are puppies. When they reach the ages of 5 – 8 months they can be quite difficult to handle because of their behavior changes. They can be assertive and pushy in anything they do. Chow Chows are ultra – protective of their owners and the territory wherein they live.. These dogs can show disgusting aggression. These characteristics they have in them were bred into these dogs. This is why owners must give them obedience training while they are still young. They will do well with children and will offer protection to them..Socialize these dogs with the whole family when they are young. This will be a real advantage. These dogs will get used to their families if they are socialized with them during their early age. They are not friendly dogs with people they have not met. They can become aggressive when a stranger approaches the homes of their families. These dogs do not have good peripheral vision. Never approach these dogs on their sides or from their backs. This may put them into a defensive position. Always approach them from the front. These dogs like to go out for walks. Minimal to moderate exercises will make these dogs happy. Always keep them leashed while walking or when they are in a fenced yard. If they are not leashed, they will chase squirrels or even sheep and kill them. They will not do good with dogs of the same sex. These dogs are quick to learn new things Chow Chows do not destroy furniture. If well trained, they can be your faithful companions to their owners.

Chow Chows will reach heights of 18 – 22 inches and they will weigh at least 45 – 70 pounds.

Chow Chows are susceptive to sicknesses like: eye irritations known as entropion These are eyelid abnormalities that can be dealt with by surgery. They can acquire hip dysplasia, stomach cancer, hot spots, ear infections They do quite a lot of snoring because they have short muzzles.

These dogs can live in apartments but it needs enough exercise to keep them from being lazy. They are not active when they are indoors. Let them roam around in a small yard that's properly fenced.. Owners must take them out fopr daily walks. If not, these dogs will display different types of behavioral problems. When the weather is hot, they must have a bowl of water to drink beside them.

These dogs have a lifespan of 15 years.

Consistent brushing of their lengthy coats must be done if you want these dogs to maintain the way they should look like. These dogs are heavy shedders. Give them a bath only when it is necessary.

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