Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Hard Working Border Collies

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The ancestors of The Border Collies have been here on earth for a number of years already. The best herding dogs were bred in order to form what we call now the Border Collies. These herding dogs were used to herd sheep in the borders of England and Scotland. These herding dogs were associated with the regions they belong to.There were several herding dogs like the Northern Sheepdogs, Welsh Sheepdogs, Highland Collies and Scotch Collies. The Border Collies are partly Scottish in heritage. The word collie comes from the Scottish dialect. Queen Victoria saw one of these dogs and she became fond of these dogs. This happened in the 1860's when the Queen Victoria went to Balmoral for a short visit. Credit must be given to a man named R.J.Lloyd Price for beginning sheepdog trials. Now they are considered to be the best shepherding dogs.

There are two types of Border Collies.. There are those who have rough and smooth coats. Both of these varieties have the standard double coats and they have unrefined outer coats. Their double coats are waterproof.The rough varieties are medium in length.with feathers on their legs, chests and stomachs. The smooth varieties are all the way short, their textures are more unrefined than the rough varieties and their feathers are less. Most of their coats are black. They have white spots on their faces, neck feet, legs and at the end of their tails. However they can be bicolored, tricolored, bluish gray with spots that are black or solid colored. They cannot be white colored. They have relatively leveled skulls that are fairly sized in width. Their muzzles are moderate in length with moderate stops. Their teeth meet in leveled bites. Border Collies have rounded and brown colored eyes. Some of them can have bluish eyes or one of them can be blue. They have straight front legs, if they are looked upon from the front. It seems to be slanting when you look at their legs from the sides. Their tails are set low and it reaches their hind joints at the back of their legs.

The Border Collies are very energetic hardworking and intelligent dogs These dogs are fast learners but sometimes it can be hard to keep them still. They must have a lot of activities because they love to work. These dogs will be good with children, if you train them to be sociable at an early age. They must be supervised when they are with children. Always keep them working, if not they will get bored and restless. These are good dogs to have on any farm because they will see to it that your livestock are well protected. These are very sensitive dogs . If you whistle, or hand signal your dogs, they will know what it means.. These dogs can become fearful or shy if they are not socialized with their packs, when they are puppies. They must know that you are their masters and pack leaders. Do not let your dogs lead you. If owners do these things, they may regret owning Border Collies. These dogs must given exercises to do. They must go on long brisk walks with their masters. These dogs must remain by their sides or at their backs. Doing this, will remind them that their owners are the pack leaders.. Owners can play frisbee with these dogs.

These dogs are not good for apartment living. They will do good in homes that have big yards and that are well fenced.

Males will reach heights of 19 – 22 inches, females will have heights of 18 – 21 inches.
Males will weigh as much as 30 – 45 pounds and females will weigh as much as 27 – 42 pounds.

These dogs are known to acquire such sicknesses like: Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal atrophy, Epilepsy, Collie Eye Anomaly, Allergies and Osteochondrosis Dissecans.

They will live for at least 12 – 15 years.
Females will give birth to at least 6 puppies.

These dogs need to be groomed regularly. Owner must comb and brush their coats on a constant basis. This will keep their coats bright. More care is needed when their coats are shedding. Give them a bath with shampoo when it is only necessary. Check their ears once a day. They might have ticks in them. Border Collies are medium shedders.

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