Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Five Important Senses Of Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The sense of smell of dogs are a lot better than the sense of smell of people. Our sense of smell is so limited. The dogs brains are dedicated to examine any kind of smell. Their sense of smell is at least 40 times much better than our own. This why owners can see their dogs sniffing around their homes. Maybe they can sense the smell of rats or any rodents in their owners homes. Their sense of smell is at least 10,000 times more better than ours. It's all part of their in bred in instincts.

The sense of hearing of dogs is much better than any human beigs. They can hear sounds that seems to us that are silent. They hear high and low pitch sounds. Humans have a hard time detecting these sounds. They can detect sounds of cars passing by even if they are in the farthest places of your homes. These dogs can detect the footsteps of their owners even if the owners are are just walking outside of their homes.. When they here any sound, dogs will start to bark. This is good because , they can warn their owners that there are strangers outside their houses.. Just like humans, when these dogs become older, they can start to lose their sense of hearing.

The sense of taste of dogs are not that good. It is the least developed among their senses.. Human beings will not eat food that does not taste good. The taste of dogs are closely connected to their sense of smell. Dogs are different when it comes to taste. For them anything that is more smelly is better. Some people dislike certain type of food. Dogs have very few taste buds and they will eat any kind of food before they have any time to even taste it. This part of their nature.

The sense of touch is the first sense that a dog feels. It begins when they are born, they will feel their mothers licking them right after their birth. Their whole body is covered with touch sensitive nerves and it reaches until their paws. This sense is so valuable for dogs because this is what helps them socialize with their entire family of owners. We need to caress our dogs because this is what makes them feel that they are well loved.

Their sense of sight is different than human beings. What they see is more of a dampened version of what humans see.. Dogs can see colors like black white and gray. Their vision at night is much better than human beings, They also have better side visions. Dogs cannot recognize something that is far away but humans can. Their vision also depends on their built in instincts. Some dogs have better visions because of their breed.

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