Friday, March 21, 2014

The Fearless But PlayFul Brazilian Terriers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

These are one of two native dogs of Brazil. They came in to existence in the 19th century when students coming home from Europe brought in Jack Russells and were crossed with local dogs that were use in local farms in Brazil and chihuahuas. They were quite known for killing rats, herding. These were dogs who would go in packs and hunt down wolves. They were so good at it. These dogs are good for hunting. They are well known in their country to be popular companion pet dogs. Outside of Brazil, they are hardly known..

The Brazilian Terriers have short smooth coats and they are tricolored. They are white and tan but black, blue and brown are also accepted. The black color is the most common of all.. The tails are docked but sickle types of tails are also accepted.They have leveled skulls, folded ears and they do express alertness.

The Brazilian Terriers are fearless, brave, playful, faithful and adorable family dogs. They are dedicated to their owners and they often like playing around witt their family members.. These dogs can be restless , but they are funny and irt can do acrobatic stunts. They like to roam around your homes. They can be very good watchdogs. Brazilian Terriers will stand at an alert pose when he feels that there are strangers in front of your homes.. Train these dogs while they are still young so that they will learn to follow and teach them to obey at their early ages..

 These dogs are packed with a lot of energy. This is the reason why they should be given a lot of mental and physical exercises. Owners cannot leave these dogs for alone for several hours. They must be preoccupied with doing something.. If they are bored, they will be very noisy. They will keep on barking and digging. When walking your dogs, they must be on a leash always. Remember that these dogs are hunters and it will chase any animal smaller than them. They get along fine with other dogs. Make sure that they are not left alone with smaller dogs. These are sociable dogs, friendly and gentle with the people that they are acquainted with. These dogs will do well with children because they are kind dogs. They need to be socialized when they are small so that they can be courteous to people. Owners mus let them see that they are the pack leaders.. Be firm but calm with them. Make them walk by your sides or at the back.

Their common health problems are eye and thyroid problems and skin allergies..

They won't do well living in apartments. These dogs are active and they will do well roaming around in small yards.

Brazilian Terriers will live for at least 12 – 14 years.

These dogs do not need to be groomed daily. Give them a bath only when it is necessary.

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