Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Ever Protective Presa Canario Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Presa Canario dogs come from the Canary Islands. They were developed by breeding  Bandino Majero  and English Mastiffs. They were created in the 1800's and they were used as farm work dogs. These dogs were named after the Canary Islands. Farmers used these dogs to protect their livestock from unknown predators and humans who wanted to steal whatever they had..

These dogs have square like shaped heads that are broad and lengthy. Their muzzles are wide. Presa Canarios are deep chested and their chests are also wide. The hind parts of their bodies are set high, They have thick skin and bones. Their muscles ra packed in with a lot of strength. Their heads a re bulky and they have big jaws. Their ears are commonly cropped. These dogs have light yellowish brown colors and various striped colors. They can also have white color markings on them.

The Presa Canarios are laid back but loving dogs.. They are good companions for the family and they do excel in guarding and protecting. These dogs are not fond of strangers They .are fully aware and always ready to protect their owners. These dogs are not noisy but their barks can scare people. Owners must be their pack leaders. They must be firm but also be considerate. By looking at them, you will know that they are guard dogs. The Presa Canarios will meet any intruder who tries to come into your homes. Every family member must feel comfortable with these dogs They must be socialized as early as possible with all members of the family. These dogs must be given obedience training so that they will behave well. These dogs will do well in agility and obedience competitions. Presa Canarios must go out on long daily walks. Make them walk by your sides or at your backs. Doing this will show them that their owners are their pack leaders.

Presa Canarios can weigh from 80 – 100 pounds. They will have heights of 21 - 25 inches.

Being a big breed, these dogs sre prone to hip dysplasia, patellar luxation and patellar evulsions, skin cysts, epilepsy, osteochondrodysplasias and demodectic mange androcryptorchidism. Always buy these dogs from well known breeders. This way owners can minimize the risks of their dogs acquiring hereditary diseases.

Presa Canarios will do well living in apartments. Owners must give them their needed exercises. They
are not active indoors..Give these dogs time to run in medium sized yards.

They are expected to live for 9 – 11 years.

They have short rough coats that are easy to groom. Use a firm bristle brush when grooming them. After that use a towelette to give their coats a shiny finish. Give them a bath only when necessary. These dogs are medium shedders.

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