Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Devoted Basset Hounds

By: Eduardo C.Gonzalez

The Basset hounds are old breeds and their ancestors are the Bloodhounds. Their names are derived from the french word “ bas “ which means low. These dogs first appeared in a Paris dog show in the year 1863. After the show, they became so well known. It was then, that their popularity spread through England. There was an argument because others wanted these dogs to become hunting dogs and  another group wanted them to become show dogs. Being show dogs, they would be very good companion dogs.These breed of do dogs were brought to America and breeders developed a dog that would become good companion and hunting dogs. The American Kennel Club recognized these dogs in the year 1865. These dogs are good in hunting alone or even with packs. They have a very keen sense of smell.

The Basset hounds are short but heavy dogs. They have large heads that are well balanced with their round skulls. These dogs have have muzzles that are deep and heavy. The length aof their muzzles are longer than their foreheads.. Their eyes are pitiful looking, colored brown and a bit sunken. They have pigmented lips that have loose hanging upper lips. Their pendulous folded skins under their throats can be very well seen. Their smooth looking ears are set low but are rather long and hanging towards the ground. The y have big teeth that meet in level bites The rear parts of these dogs are so full and round. Dewclaws can be taken out. Their coats are thick, short hard and bright looking. The usual color of these dogs are black, tan, white or white with reddish brown or sand colored markings.

Basset hounds are charming, calm, trustworthy, harmonious and well behaved dogs. These are friendly dogs. They only behave harshly when the owners let their dogs become leaders of the pack. They are so loving with their owners and will become good friends with children. Owners must show their dogs that they have authority over them. Owners must give them rules that they should follow. These dogs have musical kinds of barks and they could do tricks. Just be patient and calm while training these dogs. They need to know obedience training. Since they have a very keen sense of smell, it is quite hard to get their attention.These dogs follow their instincts of smelling and when they really get into it, they may not hear you calling them back. Allow them to search in areas that are safe.

The male dogs will reach heights of 12 – 15. inches, while females will reach heights of 11 – 13 inches. Males will weigh 50 – 65 inches, while females will weigh 45 – 60 pounds.

Never overfeed these dogs because they can become overweight. Their legs might be affected because it can be too strenuous for them. They may suffer from paralysis or become lame because of their short legs and heavy bodies. These dogs are susceptible to bloat. Do not feed them 2 large meals. It is better to give these dogs 3 small meals a day.

These dogs will do good living in apartments. They are inactive indoors. Let them go outdoors and play. They will do alright even without a yard. Doing this will keep these dogs healthy and fit. .Let these dogs go for long daily walks because by doing this they will have the right mental state. Do not let these dogs jump because these will put a lot of stress on their front legs. Because they have very sensitive noses, they tend to get attracted to scents. Make sure that they are in safe places.

Their life expectancy is 10 – 12 years old.

The females will give birth to at least 8 puppies.

Their short haired coats can be easily groomed. Brush their coats with a firm bristle brush. Bathe and shampoo these dogs when it is necessary. Wipe the under areas of their ears once a week. Cut their toe nails on a regular basis.These dogs are consistent shedders.

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