Monday, March 17, 2014

The Cheerful Giant German Spitzes

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The ancestors of the Giant German Spitzes are the Nordic herding dogs, such as The Samoyed and Laphunds. German Spitzes appeared as early as 1450. The Giant Geman Spitzes were used as companion dogs. .

The Giant German Spitzes colors are solid white, brown or black. They have firmly united triangular ears that are near each other but set high. They have short hair on their heads. The hair on their bodies are thick. They have very small feet and they have hair in between their toes. They have tails that are curled on top of their backs and it lies on the sides of their bodies.

These Giant German Spitzes are very alert, joyful, watchful and lively dogs.They are very good at being watchdogs. These dogs love to jump and they like to stand on their back legs. These dogs like to get the attention of their owners. Giant German Spitzes are known to be always on the job and they do possess a lot of curiosity in them. Owners must show that they are the pack leaders so that these dogs will listen to them. If owners do not do these things, these dogs will misbehave and they will do things like snapping. Teach your children to be pack leaders. If they learn this quickly, then these Giant German Spitzes will be very good friends of theirs. For elderly owners, these dogs are very good companions. Owners must socialize these dogs with their families when they are young. Teach these dogs not to bark at sgtrangers and other animals or dogs. This will lessen their aggressiveness. Remember that all kinds of spitzs have aggressive pesonalities Owners must walk with their dogs and make sure that they walk at their sides and not at their backs. They must walk with their dogs every day and it must be at least one mile. Doing this will help your dogs release their physical and mental energies. It will make your dogs more sensible, stable and more assured of their places in the family.

These dogs are prone to eye problems, patellar luxation ( kneecaps are not in the right places ) and idiopathic epilepsy.

The Giant German Shepherd Spitzes will do well in living in apartments, as long as they are given the opportunity to run around in small yards.

These dogs will live for about 12 – 13 years.

Consistent brushing is needed to take out mats. Owners must teach their Giant German Spitzes to stay put while they are being groomed.

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