Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Cheerful Bedlington Terriers

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Bedlington Terriers were created in Northumberland, England. It is located in the northern most county situated in Northeast England. At first, they were called Rothburry Terriers. In the year 1825, they were renamed Bedlington Terriers. They got it's names from the Bedlington Mining Shire. These dogs were used for hunting purposes. These dogs were known for tracking down foxes, hares and badgers. Their descendants must have been a combination of Otterhounds and Dandlemont Dinmont Terriers.

These dogs have the looks pf lambs. They have narrow heads and it forms the shape of pears but it is deep and well rounded. Bedlimgton Terriers have sturdy looking muzzles which has no stops at all. They have jaws that are joint together in scissor like bites.They have ears that are set low and the ends are rounded. Bedlington Terriers are deep chested and their backs are sort of curved. The root of their tails are thick and lowly set. It becomes thinner towards the end. Their coats are double and it has a combination of soft and hard hair standing out from their skin. The colors of their coats are like sand, blue, reddish brown and tan, sandy and reddish brown, reddish brown and tan. Spots of tan colors can appear over their eyes, chests, legs and rear parts.

Bedlington Terriers like to play. They are happy dogs and loving companions. They adapt very well with families who treat them nicely. Bedlington Terriers love to be in the company of children. They are faithful and sprightly dogs. These dogs are moderately friendly with strangers. They must receive the proper training. These dogs have a mind of their own and they can be hard headed. Owners must be their pack leaders. This  is the only way, they can get the respect of their dogs. These are courageous dogs and they like to dig. Bedlington Terriers are speedsters and they must be trained to come back.They often bark and their owners must be aware of this. They must be given daily exercises so that their minds and bodies will receive the proper exercises. Owners must go out with them on daily walks. These dogs must be properly leashed. Make sure that they walk by your sides or at your backs. By doing this, they will know that the owners are their pack leaders. Let them run around yards that are properly closed.

These dogs will do well living in apartments. This is as long as they receive the proper exercises.

Bediington Male Terriers will reach heights of 16 – 17 inches and they will weigh as much as 18 – 23 pounds. The females will have height of 15 – 16 inches and will weigh 18 – 23 pounds.

Bedlington Terriers are expected to live for 17 years.

These dogs can acquire sicknesses such as copper storage disease, hereditary kidney disease, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, thyroid and also eye sicknesses.

Female Bedlington Terriers will give birth to at least 3 – 6 puppies.

Bedlington Terriers shed so little hair and their hair must be trimmed every one month and a half. The hair on their ears must be shaved a bit. Leave a a bit of hair on the end parts. The hair on the legs must be shaved too but it must be a bit long. These dogs must be brushed on a regular basis. Give them a bath only when needed.

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