Monday, March 10, 2014

The Cheerful Bearded Collies

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Bearded Collies are natives of Scotland. A Scottish shepherd started these types of breed by crossbreeding Polish sheepdogs with other herding and flock dogs such as the komondors and Old English Sheepdogs. The Bearded Collies were used for herding dogs for the longest time. For awhile, they were known as the Highland Sheepdogs and the Hairy Moved Collies. They were the best dogs to use for herding cattle and sheep. The name bearded comes the long hair that grow on their chins. Collie. They were almost extinct after World War 2. In 1944. A certain lady by the name of Mrs. G.O.Willison from England had a pair of Collies and she bred them. By doing this, she was able to save these dogs from becoming extinct. In the year 1967, the first batch of Bearded Collies arrived in the United States.

Bearded Collies are moderate in size. They are powerful working dogs. These dogs are long and slim looking. The heads of these dogs are big, white and flat.. They have moderate stops. These dogs have short but sturdy muzzles that are abounding. They have black noses that are big and square like looking. Their teeth ar large but it still meets in scissor like bites. The eyes of these dogs are broad and are similar to the color of their coats. Their tails are set low and it is raised high only when the dogs are stirred emotionally. They have rough looking, and waterproof double coats that are hanging from their bodies. This is true also with their chins. When these dogs are born, their colors could be black, blue and light yellowish brown. Some colors may come with or with out white colors. The color changes until the dogs become adults. Their final colors can be a mixture of colors when they were born and the color of the coats when they are a year old.

Bearded Collies are happy, humorous, locving, playful and lively dogs. They are the best companions for your children. These dogs like being surrounded by people. These dogs must be able to do do mental and physical exercises. If not, they will become unhappy and very mischievous. Before you leave your homes, these dogs must go out with their owners for long walks. These dogs have a lot of packed in energy but they are trainable. Owners must be their pack leaders. These dogs are smart and they do think a lot. If owners are weak. These dogs will become stubborn.. Always remain firm, cool and confident when dealing with your Bearded Collies. Give them obedience training. They are noisy dogs Show them good leadership plus give them their daily exercises. When owners do this their dogs will become abiding and confident.

Bearded Collies are not meant for apartment living. They will be at their best with medium sized yards that are properly fenced. They are good farm dogs. Bearded Collies will do good in any kind of weather. The Bearded Collies do not like to be confined . They can sleep outdoors and they do enjoy the time that they are free to roam around in safe areas.

These dogs will live for about 14 – 15 years.

The Females will give birth to at least 4 - 12 puppies

They will reach heights of 20 – 22 inches and will weigh as much as 40 – 60 pounds.

Bearded Collies are susceptible to hip dysplasia and their thick coats can hide certain parasites.

These dogs must be brushed daily. Place bits of water on their coats and do it in a gentle way before you begin brushing. Take out the mats from their coats gently. Pay extra attention to these dogs when they are shedding. Do not use combs regularly. Check their eyes, ears and paws regularly. Give them a bath and shampoo them when it is necessary. Check their undercoats for ticks on a regular basis.

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