Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Brave and Smooth Fox Terriers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Smooth Fox Terriers are natives of England and made their first appearances in the 17th century. To develop these kind of dogs, breeders bred dachsunds, English hounds and later on the the Fox hounds and Beagles. It's considered to be one of the oldest terriers. These dogs became popular because they were used by farmers to find such animals such as foxes, rats plus other types of vermins like rodents, snakes and insects. These dogs would keep on digging until they find these animals, They will continue to harass these pests and animals by growling and barking until the animal gets out of it's hole, ,then the farmers would kill them.

The Smooth Fox Terriers are fairly sized dogs who have leveled skulls and it somewhat narrows down to their skulls. They do have chiseled type of muzzles that gradually gets smaller when it reaches their black noses. The teeth must meet in scissor like bites. The eye rims and their eyes have dark colors.These dogs have V – shaped ears that are bent forward. Their sharp looking eyes are a bit apart from each other. Smooth Fox Terriers have smooth white coats with black or brown patches. Their lean necks are quite powerful and it slopes downwards to their chests and short backs. They have docked tails that are carried high. They have that energetic look but they are cheerful dogs.

The Smooth Fox Terriers are bold and fearless dogs . They will not buck down against other bigger dogs even if they know that they will lose. Being hunters they will chase birds and animals like squirrels. Always keep them on a leash when walking them. In doing so, these dogs must walk by your sides or at your backs. Doing this will show that their owners are the pack leaders. These dogs are small but their personalities are so big. These dogs must be trained so that their personalities will remain in check. Do these trainings when they are young With the proper training and socialization , they will become good dogs to be with. Training must be done in a firm but gentle manner. As long as they are properly trained, they will get along well with their families These dogs will do well with children. They are affectionate, cheerful and loving dogs. They are faithful dogs and will love the company of their family. These dogs are explorers and this is the reason why they have to roam around in yards that are well enclosed.
The males will reach heights of 14 – 16 inches, Females will have heights of 13 – 15 inches. Males will weigh as much as 15 – 20 pounds and females 13 – 15 pounds.

White dogs may have a problems of becoming deaf. They may encounter health problems such as:post natal drips, lens luxation, distichiasis, cataracts, legg Perthes dfisease and shoulder dislocations, They also can have mast cell tumors.

These dogs can live in apartments as long that they are exercised daily. They must be allowed to run in safe areas like yards that are properly fenced. These are active when they are indoors. Owners must take their dogs for long walks daily and they must be properly leashed.

They will live for 15 years.

Their short coats are easy to groom. Use a firm bristle brush when grooming these dogs. Give them a bath only when it becomes necessary. This dogs are medium shedders and they will shed twice a year.

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