Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Big and Strong American Mastiffs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

As early as 3000 B. C. there were drawings of dogs in Egyptian Monuments that look liked Mastiffs. They were used to fight alongside British soldiers in the year 55 B.C. Caesar liked these dogs and he brought back a group of them to Rome. He used them for bull baiting, lion fighting and even for figthng gladiators. Afterwards, the mastiffs became famous because English peasants used them to keep wolves and other kind of animals out from their homes.

The American Mastiff breed was created by a woman named Fredericka Wagner of Piketon Ohio. She developed them by crossbreeding the English Mastiff dogs with Anatolian Mastiffs.

American Mastiffs have wide, massive and rectangular shaped heads. Their ears are set high and rounded. Their muzzles are average in in size and are proportionate to the sizes of their heads. They have sturdy and muscular necks with a bit of an arch.that goes all the way to their backs. These dogs are deep chested, Their chests are wide and fully rounded. American Mastiffs have front legs that are sturdy, straight and are evenly separated.. The hind legs of these dogs should be broad and are aligned the same way. The coats of the American Mastiffs are color beige, apricot and brindle. Puppies are born with dark colors and it does lighten up as they gr\ow in age. Their true colors will come out when they reach the age of 1. They could have white spots on their feet and chins. They must have black masks because in order to comply with the real standards of this breed.

American Mastiffs are loving, faithful courageous and dignified dogs. They will show these kind s of characters to their families and owners. They are very good with children. These dogs are non – aggressive. When any of their family members are threatened, they become fierce, and brave guard dogs. When they become old, they have the tendency to become lazy. If you give them daily exercises, they will remain to be fit and full of joy. They must have daily long walks with their owners so that they can let out their physical and mental energy. Owners must be their pack leaders. Let them walk by your sides or at your backs. Make sure that when you bring them out, they are properly leashes.

American Mastiffs can live in apartments. They will do perfectly well as long as they are given.e the opportunity to exercise daily. They can go for short runs. They will do well roaming around yards.

Males wil reach heights of 32 – 36 inches,. Females will have heights between 28 – 34 inches. Males will weigh at least 160 – 200 pounds while females can weigh as much as 140 – 180 pounds.

They will live for at least 10 – 12 years.

They have smooth short hair that can be easily groomed by brushing their coats with firm bristle brushes. Wipe their coats with a towelette so that it will remain to be shiny. Give them a bath only when it becomes necessary. These dogs are medium shedders.

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