Friday, March 7, 2014

The Assertive But Lively Austrian Shotrthaired Pinschers.

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Austrian Shorthaired Pinschers are cousins of the German Doberman Pinschers. These dogs are not so large dogs. They are known to be farm dogs. They make sure that the barns are free from rats. They will guard homes and even livestocks. Their original name given to them in the year 1928 was Osterreichischer Kutzaapinscher ( Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher ). The name was given to these dogs so that they can be distinguished from other breeds.Today, in n their country of origin, they are simply known as Osterreichischer Pinschers or Austrian Shorthaired Pinschers. There were paintings of dogs in the 1700's and they looked almost exactly the same as these dogs today.

The bodies of these dogs are a bit longer than their heights. They do have prolonged chests, deep, wide and shaped liked barrels. These dogs have forechests that are finely structured.. The highest parts at the base of their necks are well structured. The parts of their bodies between their hips and lower ribs are wide. Their hind parts are also long and wide The stomachs of these dogs are tucked up. Austrian Shorthaired Pinschers have double coats that are thick. Their outer coats are short to medium in length and thick. They have undercoats that are densed and short. The colors of their coats are: reddish brown,
brownish yellow, stag red or black. These dogs can have spots on their chests, muxzzles, necks, throats, napes, feet and at the ends of their tails. If there are no white spots, these are not considered as faults.

Austrian Shorthaired Pinschers are very decisive dogs, lively and fully aware of things around them. If owners train these dogs at an early age, these dogs will be devoted towards their families. They are suspicious when they are with other people they do not recognize.Owners must be their pack leaders or else these dogs will display bad behavior. Owners must be firm and confident but act in a cool and relaxed manner. They must do this when they are training and handling their dogs. Always give these dogs work to do and they will be very good at it. Always make sure that these dogs get the right mental and physical exercises they need.

Australian Shorthaired Pinschers will reach heights of 14 – 20 inches and they must weigh at least 26 – 40 pounds.

These dogs are susceptible to Hip Dysplasia and they can have a heart condition that is hereditary.

The best place for these dogs to live in is a farm. If owners have homes with a large yard,, this will be sufficient enough.for them to roam around. Make sure that the yards are properly fenced. These dogs also need to go for long walks. They are at best when their agility is tested during play time.
Australian Shorthaired Pinschers have a lifespan of 12 – 14 years.

Dogs of these types need to be brushed from time to time. These dogs are frequent shedders.

These dogs are suitable for particular owners.  Make sure to choose dogs of these types because will please you.

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